What is podcasting?

What is podcasting?

What is podcasting and how does it work? A presentation by Mike Russell at the British Voice Association “Voice and Podcasting” day. Watch and listen here.

If you’ve considered podcasting and want to know what it’s used for in education and entertainment you’ll find out in this slideshow. You can flick through the slides or listen to the audio too (47 minutes).

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Watch What Is Podcasting on SlideShare.

Many podcasting tutorials are created in the United States and, rightly, cater to starter podcasters in the US. I’ve attempted to give a global introduction to podcasting with a UK bias to help new UK podcasters get started.

What is Podcasting Used For?

Here are some of the broad topics covered:

  • An introduction to podcasting
  • Editing a podcast in Audacity
  • Hosting a podcast online
  • Good and bad podcast examples
  • Podcasting Equipment
  • Taking your podcast to the next level

Podcaster Resources

All podcasting resources mentioned are listed below. Enjoy!

Podcast Editing Software

I recommend Adobe Audition to edit your podcast but, for beginners, Audacity is free! Learn more about using Audacity with Daniel J. Lewis at The Audacity To Podcast.

Free Podcast Hosting

Archive.org has a great community audio section which you can upload to for free (although load times can sometimes be a little slow). I really like the free speech plan at Spreaker.com – a great podcast platform – I am a paid member of Spreaker and enjoy using it to podcast.

Paid Podcast Hosting

Libsyn and Blubrry are both excellent paid podcast hosts and are passionate about working specifically with podcasters. I currently use Libsyn.

Hosting A Podcast

I use ID3 Editor to tag my mp3 files before uploading them to my podcast host. I also recommend setting up a website for your podcast using Bluehost as your web host, WordPress to publish and the Genesis Framework to theme your website.

Podcasting Plugins

The free Blubrry PowerPress WordPress plugin is a brilliant plugin that makes it simple to publish and syndicate your podcast. You can also use (paid) Social Subscribe and Follow Buttons to make it easy for web visitors to subscribe to your podcast.

Podcast Directories

If you’d like more details on how to submit your podcast to all the online directories read this helpful post on The Audacity To Podcast.

The Best Podcast Microphone

The Heil PR-40 is the golden podcasting standard and comes in at just over £200. At £150 the Rode Podcaster is also decent and more readily available in the UK. If you’d like to start at the budget end the Audio Technica ATR2100 and trusty karaoke bar microphone (don’t let that put you off) Shure SM58 come in at around £65.

You can find more podcast equipment on this page from Podcast Answer Man.

Next Level Podcast Resources

Podcasts About Podcasting

You can subscribe to my own Music Radio Creative podcast here.

Thanks for watching and listening!