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How to Make a Voice Over Demo

Voice over demos is something that will either make or break your ability to get new clients and snap some nice contracts. Through the year we will review hundreds of submissions and only a small handful will ever be selected to work with us here at Music Radio Creative. So what makes great voice over demo?

Podcast Monetization – How Much Money Can You Make Podcasting?

How much money is there for you to make with your podcast? The answer is not simple and requires a little more thought than meets the eye. Will you start making money from day one? Will you hit 1,000,000 downloads within a month? What are the best practices of approaching paid sponsorship.

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I need inspiration and some help with writing scripts for my radio show, podcast intro or commercial.

Learn how to make your voice sound better and improve your audio setup for an optimal sound experience.

I need music and sound effects. They should be royalty free and without confusing usage licenses.

How to create a professional sounding podcast with audio branding elements like podcast intros and jingles.


Learn to edit audio in Adobe Audition CC and other audio editing software such as Audacity & Logic Pro X.


Help building an awesome radio station, creating radio station imaging, producing audio for radio and more.

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