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Since 2005, Music Radio Creative has been helping audio creators with professional sounding jingles, ads, podcasts and branding. Our aim is to educate the audio creators of the future and give them tools and resources used by leading industry experts. We’ve got more than 3000 posts, videos and tutorials alongside the latest audio branding trends.
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Shout Jingles (Shouts) from Music Radio Creative

Shout jingles have been very popular in the radio industry ever since the 60s and 70s. It's when one of the most respected production houses (PAM Jingles/Jam Jingles) has introduced them to the radio market. Since that time they have been used all around...

The Summer of Sound Starts Here!

We're set for a fantastic summer 2018 and are about to celebrate the Summer of Sound. Adobe Audition, one of the best known audio editors on the market, celebrates its 25th birthday and you're invited to the party! Adobe Audition Podcast There's a brand new podcast...

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How to create a professional sounding podcast with audio branding elements like podcast intros and jingles.


Learn to edit audio in Adobe Audition CC and other audio editing software such as Audacity & Logic Pro X.


Help building an awesome radio station, creating radio station imaging, producing audio for radio and more.

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