Top 5 Custom Gpts For Podcasting

If you are a podcasting nerd like me, you’ll know that creating, editing, and managing podcasts can be daunting. However, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can now easily create podcasts.

In this blog post, I’ll share the top 5 custom GPTs for podcasting. These Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) are found inside ChatGPT. Each of these offers unique features to enhance creativity and productivity as well as help you create professional-sounding podcasts with ease.

GPT 1 – Voice Over Generator

The first custom GPT for podcasting is Voice Over Generator which lets you generate AI voiceovers in my (Mike) voice with just a text prompt. It’s great for creating radio liners or podcast intros.

Top 5 Custom Gpts For Podcasting

This GPT will be very helpful if you ever need a voiceover from me. You can always order a custom voiceover on our voiceover page, but if you just want to create simple voiceovers, this GPT can be easily used inside ChatGPT.

GPT 2 – AI Voice Generator

AI Voice Generator uses text-to-speech to create voiceovers in 6 of the different OpenAI voices. There’s a sample audio recording for each voice so that you can listen and choose the voice you want to use. Whichever OpenAI voice you use, each sounds amazingly realistic.

Top 5 Custom Gpts For Podcasting

This GPT can be useful if you need to generate audio using different voices but don’t want to hire different people for the job. This GPT does its job and is pretty easy to use.

GPT 3 – Podcast Art Generator

The next GPT on our list is Podcast Art Generator, which creates custom podcast cover art designs with just a title and genre. I tested it out and the AI-generated art looks very professional.

Top 5 Custom Gpts For Podcasting

This GPT is trained specifically on podcast artwork that traditionally has done well. With that, it will give you that kind of nuance and style for your creations. Just like the previous two GPTs, Podcast Art Generator works by feeding it with text prompts.

GPT 4 – Virtual Mike Russell

The 4th custom GPT for podcasters on our list is Virtual Mike Russell. This GPT mimics my own responses to questions based on my online content such as my podcasts and YouTube channel.

Top 5 Custom Gpts For Podcasting

This GPT will be very helpful if you need instant answers from me but you cannot get a hold of me immediately. I tried asking the GPT some questions, and I would say that the answers to those questions are amazingly accurate. So if you need my advice on audio and podcasting stuff, ask Virtual Mike Russel.

GPT 5 – ChatPOD

The last and the best GPT on our list is ChatPOD. This GPT provides auto-generated show notes and summaries for any podcast episode. You can even ask it questions about the content and it will scan the audio to find answers. 

Top 5 Custom Gpts For Podcasting

This can be super useful for getting insights about a podcast without listening to the full episodes. Moreover, it can also be used in examining and making show notes for your own podcasts.

Final Thoughts

And that’s the top 5 custom GPTs for podcasting that are available inside ChatGPT. Each has its own feature that can really improve how you create podcasts. The best thing about these is that all of them are FREE to use if you have a ChatGPT Plus account. If you’re a podcaster these AI tools are definitely worth checking out.

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