How To Use Speech To Speech For Generating Voice Overs

We have created a lot of blog posts and YouTube videos about how amazing Elevenlabs is in creating content easier and faster with AI. Today, we are introducing another amazing Elevenlabs feature that will surely be useful to content creators – speech to speech. 

In this blog post, learn how to use speech to speech for generating voiceovers. This guide will teach you how to use AI to generate what you want to say and how you want it to sound.

What is Elevenlabs?

Elevenlabs is one of the most popular software that uses AI and deep learning to offer many helpful features. These include voice synthesis, voice generation, and voice dubbing and translation.

I personally use Elevenlabs for a lot of reasons both in my business and for casual use. It’s one of the AI tools I use to create and automate daily podcasts. I also use it to translate YouTube videos that are in a foreign language when I want to learn something. Overall, I can say that it is indeed one of the top 3 AI voice generators out there.

How Speech to Speech Works

The speech-to-speech feature inside Elevenlabs allows you to generate voice by combining the style and content of an audio file you upload with a voice of your choice. In simpler terms, it can transform your voice into another character, wherein you have full control of its emotion and delivery.

To start, log in to your Elevenlabs account and go to the Speech Synthesis section. You’ll see two options under Task — text-to-speech and speech-to-speech. Select the latter.

How To Use Speech To Speech For Generating Voice Overs

Next, under Settings, choose the AI model you want to use from 2 choices. If you are transforming an audio in another language other than English, choose the Eleven Multilingual V2 model. Otherwise, either can be good.

How To Use Speech To Speech For Generating Voice Overs

After that, select the voice you want the audio to be transformed into. You can choose from readily-available generated AI voices or you can also select a cloned voice. Moreover, you can edit the Voice Settings to manipulate things like the Stability and Clarity of the voice.

How To Use Speech To Speech For Generating Voice Overs

After all that, it’s time to add the audio you want to be transformed. There are two things you can do. You can either upload an audio file to Elevenlabs or directly record the audio using the Record Audio button. Once you added a recording, press the Generate button to start the voice changer process.

How To Use Speech To Speech For Generating Voice Overs

You can then download the generated voice or share it directly from Elevenlabs.

My Experience Using the Feature

I tried using the Elevenlabs speech-to-speech feature and I’d say it is the future of speech synthesis and voice cloning. I tried different accents and emotions and even used my voice clone and other AI voices, I’d say the results are just fantastic! If you want to listen to the audio results, watch this YouTube video.

Final Thoughts

The Speech to Speech feature of Elevenlabs is definitely a must-try tool. It allows you to clone voices and make them say anything you want. You just have to speak into your mic and the AI will repeat it back with the AI voice or cloned voice you selected. It can even copy the emotion and accent of the recording you added.

In conclusion, if are a content creator looking for an awesome way to transform your voice into something different, Elevenlabs is the AI tool for you. You can try the platform for free.

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