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There has been quite a lot of debate surrounding whether podcasters should use YouTube to promote their show. Since the beginning, podcasters have asked, “Is YouTube an appropriate platform for audio-only media?” 

Well, let the great debate end! Podcasting on YouTube is a must and here are 3 reasons you should no longer ignore it!

YouTube is GREAT for SEO!

When you do a Google search for… just about anything, have you noticed the row of videos that pop up? Since Google purchased YouTube in 2006 they’ve created a seamless integration in their previously text-based search engine. As noted below, your YouTube video descriptions and channel information are great places to optimize appropriate keywords for your business. 

Pay particular attention to keywords you would like to rank for and make sure to use them in video title, description as well as a spoken word inside the podcast itself (yes it is no secret that Google AI crawls over audio and video to analyze the content). With great optimization, your channel could make it in front of the eyes of every Googler on the planet!

Money, Money, Money!

Once your YouTube channel reaches 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 views per year, you can begin to monetize your videos. Some of you might ask: What’s the point? At the beginning it’s just pennies. Yes – but those pennies soon add up. Once your channel is eligible for monetization, you can estimate anywhere from $2 to $4 per 1,000 views. If you have a solid marketing plan, and your podcast videos are decent, creating a passive income is completely possible. Consistency is a key with YouTube (similarly to growing your podcast following). Our research showed that you can expect to earn approx. $130 per month with 10,000 YouTube followers. This number goes up to $1600 with 100,000. The monetary growth is relatively proportional from that point on. 

In addition to standard monetization don’t forget sponsorships. You can add your views on YouTube to your overall podcast numbers – this should bring higher rates with advertisers. See our Podcast Advertising Guide for more details.

Capture BILLIONS of YouTube Users! 

As of 2019, there are roughly 1.3 billion YouTube users worldwide. The estimated number of podcast listeners doesn’t even reach ¼ of that number. Using YouTube to reach a wider audience can grow your listenership significantly. Additionally, because each video needs a description, you have more real estate to link back to your website, blog, podcast page, and services you offer. 


The debate surrounding podcasting on YouTube involves the belief that posting audio only is an abuse of the platform. YouTube is a video platform and if there is no video, will your newfound listenership stick? They will if you either tease your podcast with actual video or record your podcast with video and audio. The static image with sound attached may work initially, but you’ll quickly find that it is not sufficient for lasting viewership on YouTube. 

Do you post your podcast on YouTube? What’s your experience? Share with us in the comments below!


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