We know how important great podcast intro music is. Don’t settle on average and if your budget is tight at the start make sure to only use top quality podcast intro. We have gathered together our best talent and came up with completely free podcast intros with our top talent and very best royalty free music. There are no catches – you can download and use in your projects – big and small!

In this download the following podcast intros are included:

Podcast Intro Music 1

by Greg-Jake

Script: Thanks for tuning into our podcast. We love having you here and it is our mission to bring you all of the latest and greatest tips, skills, and know-how to make you the best that you can be. We know that you have it in you and we are going to show you how. Now, let’s get started…

#business #lifestyle #howto #news #skills #coaching

Podcast Intro Music 2

by Rafe

Script: You are now tuned into this week’s episode of our podcast. Today, we are going to interview some of the greatest and most influential minds in our field. By sharing our collective expertise, we will show you how to harness, control, and use your own skill-set to achieve ultimate success and live the life you want. And now, please welcome your host…

#interview #coaching #lifecoach #business #topindustry

Podcast Intro Music 3

by Chelsea

Script: Welcome everybody to this week’s episode, we really appreciate you joining us. This podcast really shows us how we can all learn, live and thrive off of each other. By sharing our knowledge through our conversations we will impart some knowledge whilst learning ourselves how to progress even further. Here is your host…

#lifestyle #selfhelp #lifeadvice #coaching

Podcast Intro Music 4

by Michael

Script: Welcome to our School’s podcast. Here we are going to show you how teachers, parents, and pupils can share advice, tips and know-how to bring the best out of all of us. Learning is a joint experience and through our series of interviews, we can all learn more and achieve even greater things. Here is this week’s host…

#education #school #learning #edu

Podcast Intro Music 5

by Suzanne

Script: Wanna grow your business and take it to the next level? Well, here we all are, and we are going to show you how through hard work, perseverance and a little help and know-how, you can take things to the next level and push the success of your business even further. Let’s get going…

#business #entrepreneur #coaching #advice 

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