podcast segments

One of the biggest challenges that podcasters face is keeping their listeners engaged. Although content is ultimately the most important factor in overcoming this dilemma, there are other ways to make your podcast more engaging.

An excellent way to do this is to add segments to your podcast. Segments are cool… in fact they are awesome! By adding segments to your podcast, you are able to break up the content, bring some fun to the show, and experiment with new topics.

Want to try adding a segment or two to your podcast? Here are some great ideas to try:

1. Live guest call

If your podcast is a live show, one of the best segments to add is a live guest call. It is a good way to interact with your audience as well as show any new listeners that there is an existing community they can join. A live guest call segment can easily make your podcast fun and lively.

2. Random fact

For podcasts that have highly specific niches, sharing random facts about your niche will be highly appreciated by your listeners. Just make sure not to make it dragging and lengthy – short and swift is a great way to break up your podcast content.

3. Recent review

Let your listeners know what others think of your podcast. If you receive reviews or feedback from your clients or listeners, it’s a great idea to share them in your podcast. Limit it to one per episode. Not only will it keep your listeners tuned in and waiting for when their review will be shared, it can also entice others to give their own review or feedback.

4. Tech news

Is technology relevant to your podcast? A good way to stay current with your industry is to share new apps, productivity tools, devices, and other newsworthy developments in your industry. Not only will this be very interesting for your listeners, it also adds extreme value to your podcast!

5. Q & A

Get your listeners to send in any questions they may have and answer one or two randomly selected questions in each episode. Make sure not to dwell too much on answering the question. Keep it straight and direct to the point.

6. Inspirational quote

Who doesn’t love a good inspirational or motivational quote? This is an awesome way to close your show. Avoid sharing your thoughts on the quote – just give it to them and leave your listeners to their own thoughts.

7. Super tool

Any tool in your niche that you think is super and which your listeners might not heard of yet? Let them know about it! Share tools ideas and use case scenarios. A few niche-specific tips and tricks would also be surely appreciated.

8. Time travel

This particular segment idea is good for those who’ve had many episodes already in the past, especially if the episodes date back to years ago. Look back at a specific episode and have a short reflection on what has changed since. This is also a good way to link back to previous content.

9. Social media fun

Get a hashtag started and then read out messages from people who used it. This is a good and fun way to interact with your listeners. You also get the added perk of higher social media exposure!

10. Book review/recommendation

Many podcast listeners are heavy book readers (or listeners!). Give a book review or recommendation in a segment of your podcast. If you have an affiliate link (such as from Amazon), this is a chance to use it!

What kind of segment do you have in your podcast? If your podcast doesn’t have one yet, now’s the time to try any of the ideas above!