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Author: Mike Russell

1980s Audio Production Techniques

The 1980s has given us some great musical genres and even better vocal effects. Let’s learn from the past and bring 80s production up-to-date with these DAW editing techniques. No reel-to-reel and razor blade required! Fire up Adobe Audition CC and play with the idea of reverb, lots of reverb, as much reverb as you can handle to thicken out voice overs. We like dry and crisp EQ today but the 80s was all about reverb. In addition to reverb you’ll learn about delaying audio with pitch shift, multiple pitch shifted voices, mastering with a retro exciter, the tube-modeled...

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Vocoder Tutorial – How To Use a Vocoder in Adobe Audition & Logic Pro X

This live vocoder tutorial will teach you how to vocode the voice or vocals. Vocoder literally means VOice enCODER. It is the art of mixing spoken or sung vocals with a musical instrument, tone, noise or any other form of sound. The final result can create sung vocals, robotic vocals and more. Watch Now Play in new window |...

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Mastering Audio Mastering with Mike Russell

Learn how to master audio with Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative. You’ll see one of the best mastering effects in action inside Adobe Audition. This live stream will also include audio mastering tips such as using reverb, an audio exciter, widener and EQ. Discover how to make your audio sound “loud” without clipping or any digital distortion. Watch Now Play in new window |...

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Podcast Trailers – What is a Podcast Trailer?

Podcast trailers are coming to the world of podcasting! Apple Podcasts made some big announcements for podcasters at WWDC17. We can look forward to a refreshed and more intuitive podcasts app arriving with iOS 11 in the fall. Garth Jantzen, Engineering Manager took to the stage to announce many new ways podcasters can display their episodes. This will have a direct impact on what your listeners see when they subscribe to your podcast. One of the most important new announcements was the introduction of a new trailer episode type. That’s right, Apple are officially announcing support for podcast trailers! Look at Movie Trailers for Examples Trailers have been around for much longer than podcasting. To find a well known example of what a trailer is just look towards movies. The great 2 minute previews cutting together the best bits of a new movie in an audio visual spectacular. They usually contain a large, powerful voice reading lines like, “in cinemas June 16” and “in a world…” Consider How Radio Trailers Work In the radio industry the term radio trailer is used but it’s more common to hear the term radio promos. Radio sets a great example as to how podcast trailers could sound as trailers have existed in radio since the first radio station went on air. Radio trailers usually last no more than 30 seconds. They contain the best bits of a radio...

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The 7 Greatest Radio Promotion Ideas Ever

Radio has been an important form of entertainment for several years. While the days of the family gathering around the radio have long past, people still tune in for music, news and entertainment. In an effort to keep listeners and interest potential advertisers, radio stations have mastered the art of contest and giveaways. As radio executives brainstorm ways to keep people tuning in and advertising dollars flowing, they have created several radio promotion ideas. While some have worked, several radio promotion ideas have failed. However, there are a few gems that worked so well that they are still commonly used by stations around the world. Live In It To Win It This simple concept has been used several times because it works that well. As one of the most successful radio promotions, other businesses have used this idea. Basically, a group of randomly picked contestants must stay in a general area together. The last person standing (or sitting) wins the grand prize, usually whatever the contestants were staying in. Popular prizes are new cars or RVs. For example, have a group of selected listeners sit in a car with only short bathroom breaks. They must eat, sleep and live in the car. Each contestant is able to quit whenever they decided. The last person in the vehicle will win the car. Mystery Voice Test your listeners ears with this...

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