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Author: Mike Russell

Radio Conferences and Podcasting Conferences We’re Contributing to in 2018

Since 2004 we have experience of working in audio production and podcasting. We are always looking for opportunities to share our knowledge with audiences – big and small. Mike Russell – Creative Director at Music Radio Creative provides regular audio production and podcasting training online and by speaking at events. Here are some of the events we have confirmed for 2018 so far: European Radio Show 25th January 2018 – 27th January 2018, Paris, France This show focuses on creating great radio and digital audio with sessions focusing on everything from content right the way through to technical setup...

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Pro Podcast Presets

Pro Podcast Presets FOR ADOBE AUDITION Solving all of your podcast post production problems. Saving you thousands of $$$ in the process. Buy Now The ProblemS It takes me too much time to produce my podcast. Talkover music is too loud. Skype guest sounds terrible. One host is too loud and one is too quiet. Difficult to place intros and outros inside the editor. I can’t easily drop different sound files into my podcast The Solutions One multitrack layout enabling quick workflow. Special processing for Skype interview guests Multiple hosts? No problem! Special place for intro outro and all...

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Black Friday Special Show

Black Friday is a time of many special offers. Learn all about presenting special offers in the best way in your audio production. There me be a few Black Friday surprises during this show too!Watch Now Play in new window |...

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What is the Loudness War?

The loudness war means we are all competing to create the “loudest” jingle, music track or radio station on the planet. How does loudness actually work and should we always strive to be loud?Watch Now Play in new window |...

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