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Author: Mike Russell

How to Make Subliminal Audio

Subliminal audio can help you learn or enforce a positive mental attitude even while you sleep. Learn how to add subliminal messages into audio files that are just audible or not audible at all. These techniques will work well if you’re producing a hypnotic tape, meditation session or simply want audio with positive affirmations included. Watch Now Play in new window |...

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Adobe Audition Effects for Vocal Sound FX

Adobe Audition CC has some of the best vocal effects and we’re going to use them in this session. Let’s make whooshes and pows into the microphone then play with some effects and be really crazy! Watch Now Play in new window |...

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Expert Adobe Audition Workflow

Adobe Audition CC 2017 export workflow techniques and ideas. Get ready to edit any audio like an absolute master with these simple hacks. Get Adobe Audition working fast for you with pre-render, workspaces and keyboard shortcuts. Watch Now Play in new window |...

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Top of The Hour Jingles for Radio

This radio imaging focused tutorial will teach you some tricks to create powerful radio jingles. The type of jingles that get played at the start of every new hour on radio stations worldwide. Get ready for more music power at the top of the hour! Watch Now Play in new window |...

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