How To Make An Ai Voice Over

AI voices (also known as text-to-speech or AI voice overs) are generated synthetic sounds with the help of artificial intelligence via sophisticated algorithms. The technology takes a written text and converts it into speech via a computer-generated voice which mimics the sounds and tones of a real human.

Today, the tool is commonly used in screen readers, automated phone systems and navigation solutions. You can also use it in podcasts, e-learning, videos and presentations and elsewhere. It is rapidly gaining popularity in gaming industry, podcasting, YouTube and overall content generation.

Creating a voice over this way is quick and straightforward. Plus you can take your pick from a huge range of accents, genders, ages, languages and AI-generated voices. Or even clone your own! The choice with the newest technology is greater than ever.

It can be time saving and the results are pretty good! AI is still a little behind when it comes to emotions and inflections – but the technology is quickly catching up.

How To Make Your Own AI Voice Overs?

People often ask us how to make AI voiceover, so we thought we’d address that here. And, in truth, the process couldn’t be simpler. We will not dive into complex algorithms, new gen of programming and deep learning machines. Our guide here is for the real beginners who would like to dip their toes into the new tech and try AI voice overs for their own projects.

Three Steps

  1. Choose Your AI Voice – We have so many different accents, languages and styles to choose from! With myriad different AI male and female as well as child voices available. All you have to do is select the one that’s perfect for your project. Take a look at our own range of AI Voices
  2. Type Your Script – You will already have devised this in advance, and thought about what you want to say, so your script should be good to go. Just input it where indicated. If you are stuck on the script – we are here to help. Just message our support team and we can help you come up with the best voice over script for your project!
  3. Short Wait – We don’t hang around. Once we have your script, we can get your voiceover back to you within 24-48 hours if that’s the option you choose. Otherwise, standard delivery time is within a mere two to three working days. We first generate the perfect AI take. Our producer will then add any special touches you requested (such as music, vocal fx, sound effects). It really is as easy as that.

Talk to us today about what exactly it is you need – and let us help you unlock the potential of audio and AI to create a lasting impression. 


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