What Is The Role Of The Voice Over Artist?

We’re all so used to hearing human voices all around us. Online, on trains, on the TV and radio, audiobooks, phone apps and elsewhere that you probably never stop to wonder whose voice you’re hearing. The answer is, of course, that you will be hearing the tones of a voiceover artist – or voice actor. 

These professionals are part of a growing industry and who are typically trained, experienced actors. They use their voices to create identity for radio stations, convey information and forge connections with customers. 

Pro vs. Amateur

The tools which ‘regular’ actors have at their disposal, from facial expressions to props and movement, are not accessible to voice artists, who are working exclusively with audio. These actors will work in many different genres, with each job demanding a unique approach and a different set of skills. For example a video game will be very different to voicing an audiobook or a jingle.

Equally, voice actors come to the role with myriad different educational and career backgrounds. Just because you’re an established actor, used to working with your whole body, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can make it as a voiceover artist who is able to bring a pre-written script to life for an audience to whom you are invisible.

We have covered in detail reasons why use professional voice over artist here – you may find this insightful.

Commercial Voice Overs

Commercial jobs represent the broadest category of voice over work, and even within this particular genre there is still plenty of variety. At Music Radio Creative we have a wide choice of voices, including male and female voices, plus multiple languages and accents including English, Spanish, and American. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the best voice over for your jingle.  

How To Become a Voice Over Actor?

You don’t need a formal drama qualification to become a voice actor (and get started), just a great sounding voice, practice, patience and willingness to learn. Getting qualification would be advisable if you are thinking of this as a series career path.

You’ll need a natural passion for the human sound, as well as versatility and persistence. It’s also worth investing in the best equipment you can afford. 

Why Use a Professional Voice Over Artist?

There are many benefits to hiring a commercial voice artist to record your next podcast intro, dj drop or radio jingle

A professional will know what they’re doing and are experts in their industry, so can save you time and therefore money. You’ll also benefit from their versatility. Also with a trained professional you’ll be able to build brand familiarity, so that people come to associate the voice with what you offer. 

Find The Right Voice Over For Your Project

If you’re looking for a voice over artist, we have over 150 voice artists ready to record your script
with a delivery time of 24 hours. Check out our full selection of voices here!


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