How To Start A Podcast For Free: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a beginner looking to dive into the world of podcasting without spending anything on equipment you’re in the right place. With the help of AI tools you can create, upload and distribute your podcast across platforms for free. Let’s delve into the steps.

Research Before Starting Your Free Podcast

The initial phase of starting any podcast, even a free one, involves research. This means deciding on your podcast’s name, understanding your target audience, and determining its style. To brainstorm ideas, use AI tools like ChatGPT. Here are some prompts to get you started:

> List the most common words related to <podcast topic>.
How To Start A Podcast For Free: A Comprehensive Guide

You can use a tool like Google Trends to determine how relevant and highly searched for your topic ideas are. Helping you to narrow in on just the right niche for your target audience.

How To Start A Podcast For Free: A Comprehensive Guide

Naming Your Podcast and Crafting its Description

After solidifying the concept of your podcast focus on its title and description. These are crucial when figuring out how to start a podcast for free that catches attention. AI prompts can assist in generating creative titles and compelling descriptions. If you’re aiming for a multilingual audience ChatGPT can help with that. Google Bard is also very good at multiple languages. Try these prompts:

> Come up with a podcast name based on <keywords>.

> Write a description about a podcast called <podcast name> which features daily wisdom from famous motivational quotes. Write the description in <different language if required>.

Format and Frequency of Your Free Podcast

How To Start A Podcast For Free: A Comprehensive Guide

While figuring out how to start a podcast for free determine its format. It’ll likely be a solo show as these are the easiest to produce with AI tools. A monologue is best but you can still choose from different solo podcast formats: storytelling, educational, personal journal or reviews. Align your format with the show’s objectives and your audience’s preferences. When it comes to episode release frequency it could be weekly, biweekly, or monthly pick what complements your ability to produce content. You can make episodes really quickly using AI so it could even be a daily podcast!

Research 100 Episode Ideas for Your Podcast in Minutes

If you still have the same chat window open that you used to create your podcast title and description use this prompt to get 100 episode ideas for your new show in seconds:

> Give me 100 potential episode titles for this podcast.

Recording a Podcast Without Any Equipment

The beauty of starting a podcast for free with AI tools is the elimination of hefty equipment costs. With AI voice generators you can clone your voice in multiple languages. Use AI chat tools to generate a script and an AI voice generator like ElevenLabs to narrate.

How To Start A Podcast For Free: A Comprehensive Guide

Create Your First Podcast Episode

You can create a fully narrated podcast episode in seconds using ElevenLabs. You could decide to use one of the many voices from their online Voice Library for this purpose (works with a free account) or you can pay and have an exact clone of your own voice. The best part about AI voice cloning? You can speak all the languages that ElevenLabs supports. There are many and their multilingual voice cloning abilities are expanding all the time. Use this prompt to generate a great script for your first episode:

> Create an educational first person narrative podcast script in <language> - only generate the script don't add any notes in brackets no intro/outro/background music it should be one continuous script - the name of the podcast is <podcast name> and the host name is <host name>. Add this call to action at the end of the script seperated by ... <call to action> - the podcast should be based on this title: <podcast episode title>

It’s important to be specific with this prompt as otherwise ChatGPT can include lots of side notes in your podcast script, go off topic or even insert fictional podcast and host names. A strong call to action should be included and the podcast episode title will guide the AI to generate an awesome script that you can copy and paste into ElevenLabs for voicing by your AI podcast host.

Designing Awesome Artwork for Your Podcast

How To Start A Podcast For Free: A Comprehensive Guide

Artwork is often an overlooked aspect of starting a free podcast. Attractive artwork lures listeners in. Tools like Adobe Express can help create amazing podcast cover art. Remember to save in high quality formats like PNG or JPEG. Apple recommends either but prefers PNG format for podcast covers. Adobe Express has a podcast cover template that will ensure you create in the correct dimensions of 3000 x 3000px. The free Adobe Express Beta contains generative AI text to image generation allowing you to come up with any image you can imagine for your podcast artwork.

Hosting Your Podcast for Free

How To Start A Podcast For Free: A Comprehensive Guide

To broadcast your podcast over the internet you’ll need a host. Spotify for Podcasters is an excellent free choice and it also helps with distribution to renowned directories such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Setting it up is easy: sign up, fill in details and use features to interact with listeners.

Publishing and Widening Your Podcast’s Reach

How To Start A Podcast For Free: A Comprehensive Guide

After setup, upload your podcast episode. Ensure to review all the details before publishing. Once live on Spotify you can enhance your reach by distributing your podcast to platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts through Spotify’s podcaster login.

Engaging and Promoting Your Podcast

Now that you know how to start a podcast for free and have it live the next step is promotion. Use social media, create captivating graphics and urge for reviews from listeners. You could use an AI chat tool to create the best call to action possible for your podcast.

Listen to my AI generated podcast in Arabic here. This is my own voice, cloned by AI, speaking Arabic. Nuts!


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