Will Ai Replace Human Voice Actors?

The statistics for artificial intelligence (AI) speak for themselves. The machine’s ability to carry out the cognitive functions we associate with human minds, including perception, reasoning and interacting is phenomenal.

The news website Forbes reports that, in the UK, the AI market is worth more than £16.9bn. (According to the US International Trade Administration). This figure is set to soar to £803.7bn by 2035.

Meanwhile, Authority Hacker has conducted its own research revealing that, in the US. More than a third (35%) of businesses have adopted AI, and that it will be contributing a jaw-dropping $15.7tn to the global economy by 2030.

AI voice is generated or synthesised via AI technologies. (Learn how AI works here.)These have advanced considerably in recent years. With the main aim to capture and emulate human speech’s nuances and create lifelike, expressive voices generated entirely artificially from written text. What’s more, these improvements are only set to increase in the years ahead.

Today, AI voices are widely used across varied applications. From virtual assistants and GPS navigation systems to customer service settings and more. Then there are audiobooks, voiceovers and podcasting. Plus AI can help those with visual impairments or reading difficulties to access information. Not to mention the worlds of e-learning and entertainment.

What Are The Benefits of AI Voice?

There are many of these, including:

Improving Quality

Thanks to technological developments, including machine-learning techniques and advanced algorithms, speech created via AI has never sounded better – or more human. That includes aspects such as intonation and pronunciation as well as general speech quality. So end users can expect an enhanced audio experience that’s immersive and engaging. Is it better than a real human? Not quite yet!

Save Time and Money

With AI-based voice systems, you can streamline processes and save valuable resources, including the most valuable one of all – your time. For example, chatbots and automated voice assistants can deal with customer queries, improving efficiency and response times while freeing up staff time for use elsewhere.

AI models can also save time and money by quickly producing multiple versions of the same script, and by eliminating the need to hire a voice actor.

Diverse Accents

AI voice technology gives you access to a wide line-up of genders, accents, ages and more, providing a personalised, relatable experience for everything from virtual assistants to language learning platforms and audiobooks. And, thanks to real-time translation or text-to-speech conversion, you can even do away completely with any language barriers. Saying this however – some really niche accents are not well catered for by AI. So the real humans arguably have an edge there.


If you thought AI voices all sounded robotic, think again. You can programme AI solutions to convey a range of emotions, creating compelling and personalised interactions. Pi.AI is a great example of how realistic a “robot” voice can be. It’s a lot harder to tell AI model what emotion you would like the voice to have – so right now relying on well written scripts with careful punctuations is the key. In the future this could still change.


An AI model can replicate the same voice and tone across an entire project, ensuring brand consistency. Unlike a human – AI voice will not age or get a cold!

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Human Voice Artists?

Complete Expressiveness

AI has made huge strides in recent years. But a human voiceover could be ideal for more complex, emotional projects, or for when you need two voices talking to each other. Human voice artists give you access to a full spectrum of emotions and vocal variety. It enables you to connect on a level not quite possible with artificial voice (could the soul live in your voice?)

Versatility and Adaptability

Of course, human voice artists have outstanding versatility and adaptability to different audiences and contexts, so you create a project that’s utterly unique and your own.

Personal Touch

Voice over artists infuse human emotions into their work, creating voices which resonate with listeners, bringing characters to life and making the content highly manageable and relatable. So they’re an invaluable asset where you need maximum authenticity and emotional depth.

Human voices have an innate ability to interpret subtle nuances and cues in written text and interpret how something should be expressed vocally. They understand on a human level the emotions they’re trying to convey.

The Best Of Both Worlds

In conclusion, AI voice is most definitely here to stay, and has revolutionised the voice-acting industry. But, here at Music Radio Creative, experts in all things audio, we don’t believe it’s a question of one replacing the other.

While AI voices will continue to improve, the human ability to convey complex emotions will ensure the continued relevance of human voice artists. We harness the benefits of the latest tech while having an extensive range of voice over artists on our books. Talk to us today about the best solution for your project – and unleash the potential of audio.


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