How Do You Make A Great Podcast Intro?

A podcast intro or introduction is vital in impressing on people quickly, so that you capture new listeners. Your podcast intro effectively prepares the stage, and sets the tone for the whole episode/show.

With attention spans shrinking all the time, you have to make an impact within the first 30 seconds of your podcast to avoid losing audience. (With so much to listen to, they’ll otherwise find something else very quickly.) You need to hook listeners so fast that literally every second counts; ideally your intro will last between 10 and 30 seconds. 

A podcast intro should explain the purpose of your podcast and introduce whoever is speaking on it. The intro will also give the listener a feel for what they’ll gain from staying tuned. Here, we give an overview of some of the most important elements of any awesome podcast intro

Looking For Podcast Intro Script Ideas?

People often ask our advice on coming up with podcast intro script ideas.

Previously we have published Podcast Intro Script Ideas, which include interviews, latest industry developments and including some inspiring content.

We generally recommend thinking of the following:

  • Your target audience
  • Main pain point your podcast is trying to solve
  • USP of your podcast (how does it differ from others out there).

Those three points could be your building blocks for a great sounding podcast intro.

What Does An Engaging Podcast Intro Script Include?

A well-written script for a podcast intro will include the following: 

  • Quite literally the introduction, where you give your name – e.g. This is the Music Radio Creative podcast with your host Izabela Russell.
  • Next, let the listeners know what your show is about and what they can expect from listening on
  • Include either the main pain point you are solving or a USP of your podcast in general.

Leave off any call to action, website address and lengthy descriptions to your podcast outro. You want to make sure that your podcast intro does not exceed 30 seconds in length (which is approx 80 words).

Podcast Intro Music – Why Does It Matter?

Music needs to be chosen incredibly carefully. It’s the key to establishing mood and keeping listeners tuned in. Music can be a great way to align people’s emotions with your podcast content. It’s all about telling the story you want to tell. 

So making the right choice for the best podcast intro music is critical to matching the listener’s mood with your message. Try thinking of three words to summarise the mood of your podcast, and then think about the song which would be the ideal fit for those feelings. Choose from free podcast intro music or take a look at our royalty free music library.   

Where To Get Royalty Free Podcast Intro Music From?

Make sure to choose a reliable source for your podcast intro music. You definitely do not want to get into lengthy licensing issues. It is actually possible to use well known songs in your podcast. We have written about it here. Otherwise browse our library of high quality music tracks and start your podcasting journey on the right foot!

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