When starting a podcast (or looking to level up existing one) – the podcast equipment should be your number one consideration. Some would argue that audio quality is the most important factor for the success of your podcast. Your listeners appreciate nice crisp recordings, your post production costs (both time and money) go drastically down and you are more likely to attract sponsors too. Decision on what Podcast Equipment to get is one of the most important ones. Get your audio sounding great at source. Always!

Podcasting Industry in 2020

2020 has been one increddible year for podcasting and podcasters. As nations went into lockdowns end consumers turned into digital content for entertainment, variety and companionship during the hard times. As a company Music Radio Creative saw an over 50% increase in demand for podcast related products and services since March 2020. The trend has not gone down since. Many corporate clients forced to shut their doors to traditional shops turned into digital presence to engage with their audiences. This coped with the fact that many individuals were sitting at home and not working for months created a perfect storm for podcasting growth in 2020. I don’t think we have seen the end of this yet.

Since 2019 we have seen many hardware companies bringing us equipment designed specifically for podcasters. This is a very welcome move and the increase in demand is clearly driving further developments in this area. Rode, Beyerdynamic, Blue, Elgato, AKG and many others have already released products designed for creators.

Podcasters of 2021

Podcast creators of 2021 create their content at home, rarely have access to professional studio rooms and need to create as good as possible recording conditions to create good quality content. It is no longer enough to use your phone or a $20 microphone – with the rapid increase of podcasts available to listen to you can no longer afford to start fast and get it right along the way. If your podcast offers a sub-par listening experience – the likelyhood is that there is another podcast with similar topic that doesn’t.

Ultimate Podcast Equipment in 2021

When selecting equipment for this list we wanted to take into consideration the following factors:

1. Ease of set up.

2. Level of technical knowledge required (the less the better).

3. Value for money.

4. Flexibility of the setup (as in how easy is it to turn it from permanent setup to a mobile one).

5. Audio quality.

Audio Interface

Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

  • Offers connection to your phone, USB and Bluetooth.
  • Can connect 4 XLR microphones (making it suitable for up to 4 hosts).
  • You can record into miroSD card or a computer – which turns this into a mobile setup if needed!



Rode Podmic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone

  • Built with podcasters in mind. 
  • Integrated pop-shield – looks and sounds good at the same time which makes it also camera friendly.
  • Portable, lightweight and well made.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Very forgiving when recording not in a studio setup.

XLR Cables

It’s less exciting but needed none the less. You need good quality cables to connect your microphone with the audio interface. You will need one cable for each microphone you plan to connect. Look for XLR female to XLR male connection. 

Microphone Stand

Desktop Stand

If you are looking for more mobile setup then you need a simple microphone stand to hold your microphone and place it on the table/surface in front of you. 

RØDE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

Excellent if you don’t plan to move your setup much. Offers an excellent sturdy arm to hold your microphone. We use those in our studio and they are made to last for many many years making them an excellent investment. 

Important Note

There are many other possible options for you out there and when buying podcasting equipment you should carefully consider the uses, your recording room, portability and longevity of the project. We did want to create a simple and easy to follow list for podcasters as we are often asked for advice in this department. We have used and tested all of the listed equipment and would use it ourselves. We have not been paid to mention any of the brands listed below but have included affiliate links – if you decide to purchase using our links we will receive a small affiliate commission.