5 Top Places To Find Free Music For Your Podcast

A musical intro or outro and other audio sound effects can quickly take your podcast to the next level. When you are just launching your podcast – budget often is low. Many creators struggle to find tunes that won’t get their content copyrighted and kicked off major platforms. Finding truly free AND Royalty free music at the same time can be tricky. The five sites below feature copyright-free and royalty-free content that’ll help you steer clear of any issues as you create. Take the guesswork out of free podcast music.


Pixabay is an easy resource for all types of royalty-free and copyright-free content. You can find everything from music to images to videos. This makes it one of the favourite among podcasters.

“Royalty-free” means you’re allowed to use someone else’s intellectual property without paying perpetual royalties. Learn more about royalty-free music in What is Royalty Free Music?

The Pixabay platform allows you to find free podcast music based on both genre and mood. If you need sound effects for your podcast, this is also a great resource. All the content on the site is released under Pixabay’s license. You don’t have to credit the artist or pay a fee to use it. 

Visit Pixabay here for thousands of music and audio tracks. 

YouTube Audio Library

If you’ve ever attempted to upload a video to YouTube, you know the platform imposes copyright rules on its creators. To no surprise, it offers an abundant royalty-free audio library as part of its solution. While you won’t be able to upload content with just any audio to their platform, you can use their library to find something pre-approved.

Even if you’re not interested in posting your podcast to YouTube, the audio library in YouTube Studio can be a stellar resource for free podcast music. Create a YouTube account to search the library for mood, track name, artist, and genre. 

After you’ve found the right track, you can upload your podcast to YouTube and overlay the content on the footage on the site. 

If you have copyrighted music that you desperately want to use in a YouTube video, surprisingly there are ways to do it! Check out Use Copyrighted Music Legally to learn the ins and outs of uploading your podcast without worrying about copyright claims. 

Music Radio Creative

Music Radio Creative offers various podcast intros, outros, sounds, and jingles. If you’re looking for some simple audio to get you started, peruse our library to see if we have what you’re looking for. 

To download the sounds for free, you’ll be asked to provide your name and email. After that, a zip file containing the packages will be shown on the page. 

Our most epic music download for YouTubers can be found here. You can also visit here to see more. PLUS if you sign up to our newsletter we will send you free music, sound effects & voice overs every other week – no strings attached! Our subscribers LOVE our newsletters and we guarantee you will too.


Freebeats.io follows a “music for follows” model. Meaning, as long as you follow the artist on social media and give them credit, you can use their tracks for free. It was created to serve as a resource for up-and-coming rappers, singers, and content creators. 

Here’s how creators can use the beats on the site:

  • A song released on SoundCloud 
  • A video released on YouTube
  • A podcast intro or outro 
  • A post on Facebook or Instagram 
  • Any creative media project

The artist must be credited, and you cannot re-sell the music in any way. You also cannot register a project featuring the beat to any kind of content ID. 

Visit here to see the beats available. 


The music composed on this site is composed and produced entirely by Jason Shaw. You can download and use the music completely for free as long as you provide credit.

On the site, you can search 50 different mood categories to find the one that best fits your podcast. The only restriction to use is that you cannot resell the music as it is. Including it as part of another creation like a podcast, video, video game, audio remix, etc. is permissible. If you want something unique to your podcast, Jason can also compose that for a fee. 

Visit here to see the music available. 

Final Thoughts

Free podcast music is available at several sources, so make sure you include appropriate clips in your podcast to keep your audience engaged. Integrating different audio elements helps elevate your podcast from an amateur to a professional level. 

If you need help selecting intro music, check out How to Choose the Best Podcast Intro Music. We’ll walk you through all the steps you need to know. 

If you’re ready to invest in paid music options, Music Radio Creative is the go to platform for mostcontent creators. There is royalty-free music available here as well as over 150+ professional voice overs to choose from.

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