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When you sit down to record your first-ever podcast, it can be a somewhat daunting prospect. You have a great idea but just HOW do you go about creating it to make it an easy listening experience for your subscribers. In this article we provide a few tips to help you get started and change those nerves to feelings of excitement. 

Before you begin, you’ll need to think through exactly what your broadcast is for. Make sure to identify the issues you care about the most, and the kind of content you want to include. Think of how can you add value to the lives of those who will be listening to you. Try to make your early topics as specific as possible, rather than too vague or generalised. This will also help hugely with discoverability. People search Apple Podcasts/Spotify for specific keywords – just the same way as we use Google. The more specific you are – the better!

It’s also worth browsing and listening to a number of podcasts covering your area of interest before you create your own. Work out what you like or don’t like about them – and why. 

Planning Your Podcast Episodes

Here are some of the things you will need to think about when deciding the format of your podcast: 

  • What is your niche and who is your target group of listeners? 
  • How long will your show be and how often will you broadcast? Consistency is important here! Also think of where your potential audience may be tuning in. If it’s during their way to work – average commute in the UK is 30 mins long. It’s worth to cater for that and many podcasters already do!
  • Decide on the best podcast host. We have created a guide with The Best Podcast Hosting Services Compared.
  • Will the format be interview-based, co-hosted or take the shape of a panel discussion? Will you be inviting people to call in and take part with their comments and questions? Take a look at the tools you may need to record a podcast interview.
  • Who will you approach to be a guest podcaster on your show? (It could be worth browsing podcasts covering similar topics to yours and identifying suitable candidates that way.) Collaborations can be beneficial to you both. This is a good strategy but it may be worth to build up your audience first before heading that way.
  • Decide on a podcast name. Try to think of a memorable and simple name rather than aiming to be too clever or complicated. Ensure that nobody else is using the same name!

We have some more tips for content ideas and how to keep listeners engaged with our Top 10 Ideas for Podcast Segments, plus here’s our guide on How to Start a Podcast

Podcasting Equipment Ideas

Again, this is something people often ask us. You’ll need a couple of things to ensure sound quality, including a mic. Take your pick from a cost-effective USB model which will plug in directly to your computer. If you have more of a budget then check out more professional XLR version providing enhanced audio quality (you will need an audio interface too). If you wear headphones while recording, you will have better control over the sound produced. Finally, a reasonable quality webcam will give your video greater resolution as well as a wider angle over your background. The cheaper the webcam, the more you will need to reply on the room’s lighting to provide high-quality resolution. 

We have created a guide on the Best Podcasting Equipment looking at how to create the ultimate podcasting setup to record the highest quality sound. In addition our YouTube channel has plenty of up to date material, equipment reviews as well as more practical and more technical “how to”.

Talk To Us

At Music Radio Creative, we’re here to help podcasters with everything from podcast intros to custom jingles as well as royalty-free music – not to mention our full suite of editing and production services for video as well as audio broadcasts. We have access to a large talent pool of voiceover artists covering a variety of styles, accents and languages. 


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