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When you’re working in Premiere Pro you’ll often want to place some background music underneath the main dialogue. It’s often an issue that the music can be too loud and it’s hard to hear exactly what is being said.

Auto Ducking For Beginners

This is where auto ducking can really help. No need to go along your whole sequence and add in manual keyframes for audio volume. There’s an automatic way using the awesome Essential Sound!

  1.  Head to the Audio Workspace in Premiere Pro.
  2. Use the Essential Sound panel. If you don’t see it in the Audio Workspace head to the Window menu and click to display it.
  3. Now mark the dialogue track and music track by selecting them and choosing dialogue and/or music in Essential Sound.
  4. You’ll now have an option in Essential Sound to Auto Duck on your music track.
  5. You’ll mainly want to focus on the Reduce By and Fades options.

Sound Like a Pro!

Reduce By option chooses the amount to duck the music by when dialogue is heard. I’d suggest starting at default and reducing further if you still can’t hear your dialogue well.

Fades option determines how quickly the fades happen. The default of 800ms is way too slow so I’d suggest reducing this number until you get a smooth music fade each time the dialogue comes in.

If reading all this is too much and you’d prefer a video… here it is!

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