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Everybody loves GIFS! (Don’t you!?) One GIF is worth a 1000 words. You can show happiness, anticipation, disappointment, excitement and so much more. With just one image. Everybody loves this!

There is however this one thing that bugs us… they have no sound! That’s why we have decided to pick our top 5 favourite GIFS and give them the all important sound.

I guess at the end of this all there is a question of whether a GIF with a sound is still a GIF (let us know your opinion in the comments below!)

Our TOP 5 Favourite GIFS (with sound included)

  • NUMBER 1 – Michael Jackson eating popcorn.
  • NUMBER 2 – Homer Simpson slowly retreating
  • NUMBER 3 – Unicorn Magic
  • NUMBER 4 – Cheers from Gatsby (from Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • NUMBER 5 – Sponge Bob burying himself in the sand

Download Free GIF Sound Effects Here

Are you ready for some fun too? You can download our own sounds below and use them in your own creations (with no limitations!).

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