VidCon Europe 2018 Giveaway

VidCon Europe 2018 is the conference for video creators and online video industry professionals. It is gearing up for the second event, this side of the pond, in Amsterdam. Read on to find out why you should be there!

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The Music Radio Creative Podcast

Learn more about the Music Radio Creative podcast which was founded in 2012. Mike and Izabela have been your hosts for many different seasons of this audio production show. We chat about podcasting, starting an internet radio station, creating inspiring audio content, jingles and more!

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MRC Live Podcast Trailer

Hello, I’m Mike Russell from musicradiocreative.com. Join me, daily Monday to Friday, for an hour of audio production fun. Whether you work in radio, you’re a DJ or a podcaster I will help you to sound great using...

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