Wondercraft - Step By Step Ai Podcast

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been improving drastically since it was introduced. Nowadays, AI has been supporting creators in making their jobs easier. In this blog post, I walk you through the process of AI podcasting with the help of Wondercraft. In addition, I discuss the features of this software as well as share my thoughts about it after trying it to create an AI podcast.

My Old Process of Creating Podcasts with AI

A few months ago, I published a blog post and a YouTube video where I shared a comprehensive guide on how to create podcasts with AI and automation. I’ve been using that process in creating my daily news podcasts and those have been going quite well in terms of engagement.

Recently, I learned about Wondercraft and I was excited to try it. Although the old process I’ve been using to create podcasts with AI is still working, I wanted to see if this new tool can make it even better.

Introducing Wondercraft

Wondercraft is a software that uses AI to create professional, studio-quality audio for different types of projects such as podcasts, audiobooks, and ads. Some of its features include voice cloning, AI script assistance, and AI dubbing.

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As for pricing, Wondercraft offers different plans that you can avail. They offer a FREE plan but if you want to avail of more features and credits, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription that starts at $35.

Wondercraft - Step By Step Ai Podcast

Creating a Daily Podcast with Wondercraft

Although Wondercraft offers several amazing features, I was initially interested in trying to create a daily podcast using this tool.

Creating a daily podcast with Wondercraft is a straightforward process. First, ‘Choose Daily News Rundown’ under the Start a New Project tab on your dashboard.

Wondercraft - Step By Step Ai Podcast

You’ll be directed to the creation tab where you can do everything from scripting to publishing the podcast. On the left side of the window, you’ll see 5 sections. Each section allows you to do different things.

Wondercraft - Step By Step Ai Podcast

Let’s start with the first section. The Content section allows you to create the script. You’ll need to fill in a few boxes.

  • Podcast Name: The name of your podcast.
  • Podcast Format: Either a single-person commentary or a two-person discussion.
  • Podcast Tone: Your desired tone for the podcast.
  • Duration: How long the podcast is in minutes.
  • Additional Information: Any information you want to be highlighted.
  • Articles: The URL of the articles you will use in creating the podcast.
Wondercraft - Step By Step Ai Podcast

Make sure to fill in everything. Also, before you click the Create Script button, be sure to choose the right language for the script. As of this writing, Wondercraft supports more than 10 languages including German and French.

Next, the Music tab is where you can add songs to the project, either choosing from their library or uploading your own. Wondercraft has a decent amount of music you can choose from.

Wondercraft - Step By Step Ai Podcast

The third section, Voice, is where you can choose the AI voice that reads your script. You can choose from their list of AI voices or you can add and clone your own voice.

Wondercraft - Step By Step Ai Podcast

Next, the Video section is where you can create videos using AI. This is a feature that can help you if you want to create a video podcast.

Finally, the last section, Pronunciation, is where you can add tricky words or phrases and tell the AI how you want it to sound. This feature is very helpful in correcting words that are mispronounced by the AI.

Wondercraft - Step By Step Ai Podcast

Overall, if you want to make a full-baked podcast with AI, Wondercraft can help you with that. Do note though that some features such as video creation are only available on the paid version of the software.

My Thoughts on Wondercraft

I personally think that Wondercraft is amazing. I used it to generate a podcast episode and the result was incredible. It only took me 5 minutes to create an audio podcast that can be shared with my audience.

Wondercraft has a lot of potential. I can see myself using this to really streamline my workflow and scale up my podcast output. If you want to try it for free with free credits, sign up using our link.

Final Thoughts

AI software such as Wondercraft can be beneficial for podcasters. By automating podcasts, creators can focus more on the engaging and creative aspects of their work. Some people can call it ‘cheating’ but I believe that there is a space for AI automation like this one.

You can follow the step by step guide and hear the samples I created by watching my video:

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