Last Episode, What’s Next? Podcast Season 1 last episode Music Radio Creative

This is the final podcast episode in the Music Radio Creative podcast series. We share some facts about the MRC podcast, a timeline of the podcast’s development and out new podcasting ideas for the future. It was first broadcast as a Google Hangout On Air on Friday 18th July 2014.

Podcast Facts

The Music Radio Creative podcast started on 3rd July 2012 so we’re over 2 years in.

Most Listened To Episodes

Here are the episodes that gained the most listens (stats correct as of Friday 18th July 2014).

  1. 6818 listens – World of Audio in 2013 Review
  2. 4886 listens – Audio Branding For MRC (when Izabela joined in)
  3. 4375 listens – The Power of Networking

Episodes That Created The Most Discussion

  1. 92 comments – Voice Over Jobs At Music Radio Creative
  2. 59 comments – Mic Chain Setup For Voice Overs
  3. 49 comments – Sound Quality for Podcasting and Broadcasting

The top 3 most commented episodes are about audio production which is why… we’re creating a dedicated podcast about it!

Podcast Timeline

The first 5 episodes were only me… you can still hear them! After that really cool guests joined in – voice artists, producers & radio peeps. Izabela joined me on the podcast from #39 but she didn’t join officially until #49 and then we never looked back!

Podcast Listener Statistics

All time listens 90,344 – since we have joined Spreaker in July 2013 (we have broken the 100,000 download mark but lost our previous download stats after leaving our old podcast media host).

New Ideas – Why Are We Doing This?

  • Many are afraid of change. You already like what you’re used to.
  • We want to increase our weekly output and give you more choice.
  • We want to do a daily podcast of 10 minutes each day.
  • Different style and ideas to current successful daily podcasters John Lee Dumas & Pat Flynn.
  • Our listening figures are stuck – we would like to make sure to move them up as much as possible – we believe we can reach wider audience this way.
  • This will be the first podcasting split test. We’ll launch 5 podcasts and see which performs the best!

The 5 New Podcasts Will Be…

Podcast About Podcasting

Podcasting tips, ideas and technology reviews to enable you to be the best podcaster you can be.

Audio Production Podcast

Ideas, tips, tricks, my audio secrets and much more – all related to audio production.

Internet Marketing Online Show

Sharing online marketing tips strategies and ideas to improve your game in the new media world. We are not the experts – but we are interested and would like to learn more – will you join us on that journey?

Branding Cow

Izabela’s baby – branding reviews, ideas, tips, tricks. It will eventually be Izabela’s new company if it takes off.

Isle of Wight Lifestyle Podcast

Lifestyle design ideas from two passionate entrepreneurs who talk about life and discuss how to become the very best version of yourself.

Launch date will be by 22nd August. Make sure you’re getting our email updates to hear more!


6 Responses

  1. Hey guys, it was such an awesome episode, especially because we were able to see you live and feel like we were with you 🙂
    I wanted so bad to get with you in the live video hangout after the episode and celebrate with you guys, but my connection failed me.. I live in Iraq (as Izabela mentioned) and there’s this social platforms blocking due to the bad situations in the country, so I was with you during the episode using a VPN software, but after the first hour it got trashy and I couldn’t even continue watching the last 10 minutes 🙁
    Luckily I downloaded the episode later from YouTube and watches it again, and boy I was shocked because you guys have shouted me out twice, the first time was in the very first minute which I couldn’t see live also because of my bad connection.
    Hopefuly I can be with you in the next times 🙂

    Anyways, congratulations guys one more time, you deserve all the best and I really wish you all the success in your life.

    Ahmed Sprouse (from Iraq)

    1. Hey Ahmed, we both appreciate you tuning in there in Iraq and hope you’ll be able to download our new podcasts.

      It was a pleasure to mention you in the live broadcast 🙂

  2. Congratulations guys. I’m really excited about the new shows.

    I also want to thank you for going a little long on this episode because your first ?caller? asked the question I had about how the shows will be available (in one RSS or each one individually). I had hoped each would have its own feed, I appreciate that option as a listener. But then you said they would all be put out on the MRC feed as well. Interesting.

    At first I couldn’t figure out why you would do both (one RSS and each individual show RSS). However, you did say this was going to be a split-test. So you do have quite a few ways to measure the success of each show to see which is more popular:

    1) Individual feeds: Which show gets the most subscribers/downloads/streams
    2) Individual feeds: Which show gets the most comments
    3) Individual feeds: Which show gets the most 5-star reviews (which can also affect #1 if/when you hit iTunes N&N).
    4) All feeds: Which show gets the most social media interaction
    5) Old MRC feed: Even though subscribers will download all of the shows you can dig into the Stitcher stats to see which show gets listened to the most, or listened to at all, or when people bail after the first few seconds (those hurt the most – ouch!).

    Could you talk about the way you measure the split test and the results in an upcoming episode of Internet Marketing Online Show (or would that be Podcast About Podcasting?) #CrossPromotion!

    Good luck guys. I’m sorry I won’t see you at the UK Podcaster Conference, but I’ll be following #UKPod14 while I’m attending #PM14. WOOHOO!

    1. Wow, Steve, thank you! Those are some awesome split testing tips and ideas.

      We’ll be sure to keep track of how each podcast is getting on and talk about it in future episodes too 🙂

  3. Hi guys. Just a thought on the Branding Cow name…you could say that the COW stands for Creative Online Workshop. Then no one thinks it is an insult to the lovely Izabela!!

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