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Business Networking Benefits

We discuss the power of business networking and share our own experiences. We feel it was important to discuss the subject mainly because of its significance in today’s new media age and also because it is easy to try different ways of networking online and offline.

Habits of the Wealthiest People
Habits of the Wealthiest People

We started off by discussing our experience networking with various groups in the UK, but not without explaining first what kind of networking we actually mean. I actually found a great infographic shared by Jeremy Frandsen of Internet Business Mastery which mainly talks about the habits of the rich and the poor and how when you’re poor you eat more fast food and when you’re rich you eat a little healthier, you also do more networking when you’re rich and meet like minded people at least once a month. The networking we’re talking about is business networking. Networking is beneficial in many ways, getting fireworks working in your mind, meeting interesting business connections, or even just practicing your pitch.

Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle

Izabela recently just came across Entrepreneur’s Circle where Nigel Botterill has created a membership website for business owners and he provides them with internet marketing tips, looking after your online presence and basically anything that businesses can do to take their operations to the next level.

Izabela comments that her experience with Entrepreneur’s Circle was not actually very good and that she was even disappointed because from the time she signed up there was no membership confirmation and all she started to receive were numerous autoresponder emails.

What Is An Autoresponder Email?

Autoresponders are emails you automatically receive on a pre-scheduled basis (without the sender personally sending them) after getting signed up to a mailing list. Izabella elaborated that it would have been better if the autoresponder emails said something of value unlike the ones she received, which immediately started selling her ideas like a webinar wherein you have to pay £200 (around $340) to attend.

Did Entrepreneur’s Circle Provide Value For Money?

And after just having paid 200 pounds plus VAT (tax) per month to join the Entrepreneur’s Circle, Izabela voiced out that she was looking to get value for what she initially paid, not be offered another product which would require another payment. She also continued receiving broken links by email to videos which did not play. In summary, Izabela shared that she joined because it promised plenty of offline networking and it had been strongly recommended to her by a number of trusted business associates but she had disappointing experiences with her membership. It lacked the wow factor congruent to the amount of money paid and felt like an automated machine and not personalised enough to her liking.

Online Networking Opportunities

Internet Business Mastery Academy

Moving on, we discussed online networking opportunities, where to find them and how to know if they are real. My first experience with online internet business was through the Internet Business Mastery Academy. This is genuine and we’ve actually met the guys who run it, Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen. It’s been running for many years and from the time I joined it (back in 2011) they’ve upgraded the whole experience a couple of times. If you are interested in the whole marketing of an internet business this is a great place to be. They’ll show you how to set up a WordPress site correctly, how to market using social media and so much more.

Cliff Ravenscraft’s Podcast Mastermind

In this episode we also gave a shoutout to Cliff Ravenscraft and the Podcast Mastermind which unfortunately is not running anymore. The podcast mastermind was actually very good and consisted of many like minded high quality and committed people. At the time we were members we had at least 2 online masterminds every month. We always came away with many tips and ideas to help our online business. Izabela added that it was just like having a big family. The Podcast Mastermind does not exist anymore but if you are interested in finding out more about what Cliff does, I would encourage you to check out his podcasting A-Z course which is where you can learn how to podcast like a pro and covers everything you’ll need to know (including the mindset required) in a 4 week online course.

We’d Love To Hear Your Networking Experiences

If you have any networking experiences that you want to share with us please place a comment under this podcast episode as we’d love to hear from you about business networking, online or offline and what value it has for you. Leave us a comment down below.


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