Podcast Studio Equipment

Up until now, Izabela and I have been podcasting using a single condenser mic. I know it’s terrible and many of podcasters will say no to using a condenser microphone mainly because it picks up audio all around the mic. If you’re podcasting at home, the condenser microphone will pick up sound everywhere like clanging in the kitchen and your kids running around. Whereas dynamic microphones have a straight line of sight into the microphone and they reject sounds coming from the back.

Microphone For Radio Broadcasting

Generally in radio and the voice over industry they use condenser microphones due to the fact that most radio stations and most voice over artists are using a professionally sound proofed booth. You’re not going to notice the difference in sound quality when using earbuds but definitely you are when producing professional quality audio. Dynamic microphones are much more suitable to 2 people talking to each other in a room because this mic will not pick up any sound coming from the back of the mic.

Getting The Best Podcast Sound

You know very well that we at Music Radio Creative like to process things and make them sound great. So in this podcast episode, I have added a little light compression and slight EQ to the voice before finally publishing this audio for any listeners who are listening in their car or at the gym so they can hear everything particularly when we whisper or lean off mic. All of this experimentation is to achieve a very natural sound. So we’d love to hear what you think about the changes we made to our podcast audio quality this week. Has it sounded better than the previous episodes?

New Podcasting Equipment

Heil PR40

When we did the Youtube Marketing Tips Podcast Episode that’s when I really realized that we’ve really got to upgrade our microphones. So I’m happy to share with you what we purchased for the upgrade. We purchased 2 brand new Heil PR40 Microphones which are the podcasting gold standard microphones. Sadly these microphones are very difficult to get hold of in the UK. Heil Sound is based in the USA so they’re manufactured there too. This microphone is very popular in the US. In fact,  many US professional podcasters use this microphone such as Leo Laporte and Cliff Ravenscraft.

Is There A UK Microphone As Good As The Heil PR40?

We’ll be really interested to hear your thought about this. Leave a comment down below.

Shock Mount & Boom Arm

To make the perfect setup, we also needed to get some other kit such as the shock mount (Heil PRSM-B) which cost around $120 and a boom arm (Heil PL2T) which costs about $130. I know it’s a little expensive but you really need to pay the price of having the best quality equipment.

Upgrading Your Podcast Equipment

We’d like to know if more people in the UK are looking into upgrading their broadcasting equipment. What have you looked at so far? Also, Izabela wants to know if you’re a radio broadcaster, are using a condenser microphone or a dynamic microphone? What’s the reason behind that?

Your Feedback On The Audio Quality

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our sound quality. Was it any better or worse? Let us know in the comments section below.

UK Podcasters Group And Meet Up

We’ve started a group on Facebook wherein we want to connect all the UK Podcasters and there’s some great people who already joined the Facebook group. You can search for that in Facebook, just type in UK Podcasters and look for the closed group and just request to join and we will approve you. There’s already many discussions on the best podcast equipment, discussions on the BBC’s influence on podcasting and more. If you are based in the UK and you’re podcasting or thinking of podcasting get involved in the UK Podcasters Facebook Group.

The Podcast Movement

Also, a big shout out to our friends at the Podcast Movement! They’re organising the very first US podcasting only conference and we’re very proud to be gold sponsors of the conference. If you want to know more head over to The Podcast Movement.