Voice Over Jobs At Music Radio Creative Podcast Season 1 voice over jobs Music Radio Creative

Voice over jobs are always highly sought-after and it’s often hard to get your voice heard in an industry full of great voice overs. How do you get noticed? I chat to Izabela Russell who, amongst other things, it the prime talent scout and talent manager at Music Radio Creative. We cover many aspects of Music Radio Creative as a business, how we started working together, what we’re looking for in a voice talent and how to stand out and get noticed in a highly competitive industry.

Getting Started at Music Radio Creative

Voice Over Jobs At Music Radio Creative Podcast Season 1 voice over jobs Music Radio Creative

We’re a husband and wife team and it all started 2 years ago when we were expecting our little one. Izabela was originally a full time banker in the City of London but we had a great opportunity to work together during Izabela’s maternity leave. We slowly started to do more and more together and we started to take on our first external voice over talents (it had pretty much only been me available from Music Radio Creative before and I’d be the first to admit I’m a terrible talent manager). Izabela has done such a great job of taking on and looking after our talent). After taking on our very first voice overs from different exciting parts of the world Izabela turned her attention to producers and greatly reduced the audio production load I get on a daily basis!

Keeping Customers Happy

In addition to a role she enjoys very much Izabela is in charge of keeping Music Radio Creative customers happy and works with Shayna – our super star customer service leader – in order to achieve this. There are business opportunities that Izabela tracks down and she also spends time keeping our valued affiliates motivated and informed.

What Is An Audio Effect?

Izabela’s ear developed over time working inside the business as she listened to hundreds (even thousands) of pieces of audio. She now tells ME what effect sounds good on audio production and can produce scripts and direction to make audio flow and sound fantastic.

How To Price Voice Overs and Jingles

In this episode Izabela talks about our pricing structure at Music Radio Creative and the reason why we sell different products at certain price points. Taking into account the situation of individual voice over professionals, their union memberships and/or affiliations and the going rates that certain businesses work within. We need to be flexible with our pricing. The ethos of Music Radio Creative has always been that we make great audio available to all including that person with aspirations and dreams to sound great and make it big. As well as catering to the individual we also work with production companies and corporations.

Voice Over Jobs At Music Radio Creative Podcast Season 1 voice over jobs Music Radio Creative

Family Run Business

Music Radio Creative is a family run business and it’s our passion to do what we do every day. Izabela goes on to say it goes beyond just family working together in our office and studio space we call the talent we work with our ‘extended family’.

A Truly Global Audio Production Company

I talk to Izabela about something she loves to do – work with different cultures all around the world on a daily basis – as part of our online business. She goes on to give some statistics and mentions that less than 40% of our total business comes from the European Union VAT zone (that’s the European tax zone which includes the UK and many European countries). We have the pleasure of working with interesting individuals and companies in places like Australia, Zimbabwe, The Americas and most recently Libya too.

Music Radio Creative customer heat map
Heat map of Music Radio Creative customers

Voice Over Jobs from Music Radio Creative

An exciting aspect to working for Music Radio Creative is that you’ll never know where your next order will come from. It could be a music radio station in Egypt, a dental practice in Australia or a J Pop podcast in Japan. The world really is your oyster! We’ve nearly completed an exciting project that will take our website experience to the next level and now will be an exciting time to join Music Radio Creative as a voice talent (or even an audio producer, musical composer and/or sound designer). We’re working on a better user experience for customers looking to audition voices, singers and music before purchasing online.

Izabela mentions that we’re looking for all accents and languages and we discover that she is originally from Poland – dzieΕ„ dobry!

Voice Over Talent Frequently Asked Questions

Izabela addresses a number of frequently asked questions in this episode that talent may want to know the answer to before working with Music Radio Creative including:

  • Will adding more talent thin out the number of orders?
  • Will we add many voices that sound similar?
  • Is it a plus if I can produce audio in addition to voicing?
  • What are you looking for when a talent applies?
  • If I apply can I expect to get a reply from you?
  • Why do you require a custom demo from me?
  • What’s the next step if you like my demo?
  • Do I need my own studio and equipment?
  • How fast would you need me to turn around audio?
  • What is the earning potential of a voice talent at MRC?
  • Can I set my own rates that I’m willing to work at with you?
  • Is there a contract? What does it cover? Any exclusivity clauses?
  • Are we easy people to work with? How does the order process work?
  • What are the perks of working with Music Radio Creative?

We Are Not A Voice Over Agency

We don’t take talent on to our books, keep them there and then palm them off to a client when the appropriate job comes in. Music Radio Creative is a full service company. We take care of each and every customer from start to finish with their great audio project. This includes finding out their requirements and helping them with script, voice and music choice if needed. Keeping our customer up to date with their order progress all along the way and, finally, helping that customer should they need any changes, updates or remixes of their audio. We’re an audio branding company with an aim to help anyone sound great!

How Do I Apply?

We are on a constant lookout for new voices. If you have great quality recording equipment and voice acting is your full time gig – get in touch! Email demo@musicradiocreative.com with the following information:

Voice Talent: latest produced demo showing as much variety as possible as well as dry recording with words Music Radio Creative and current date (unprocessed raw file).

Producers: latest demo with your work.

Please note that we will not be able to respond to incomplete submissions. Ensure that the demo you are sending is small enough to fit an email attachment.

Izabela and I look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. I’m so glad I listened to this. I’ve been wanting to do more voice-over than what I do for the radio station with which I work. Audio branding as opposed to an agency is great! Being a musician, I have a fairly open schedule and am used to getting paid per project whenever it comes along. I actually prefer it.

    And yes, I agree that Izabela should start a podcast. πŸ˜‰ The details discussed here were so helpful and encouraging.

    Thanks for doing this. I am working on a demo and sending an application as soon as my nerves calm down. πŸ™‚

      1. ΠŸΡ€ΠΈΠ²Π΅Ρ‚ ИзабСлла! I enjoyed listening to your podcast from Moscow. I really like the sound of the way you run things over there – good luck with the new website and general expansionю I am in the process of setting up my studio and voice (!) so hopefully you will hear from me one day in the not so distant future.

        Yes, Mike – I think Izabella should definitely have her own podcast, and as I’m getting ready to launch my podcast on the world this summer, I would be very interested to hear more about the audio branding.

        Thanks, both of you,

        1. Super comment Sarah and you can be sure of more Izabela on the podcast in the near future πŸ˜‰

  2. well that was the best episode i have herd through out my time of listening to the music radio creative podcast. i also think Izabela should have her own podcast

  3. Izabela should have her own podcast!

    So good to hear you guys together, brings back good memories. Looking forward to your next one together.

      1. Thank you Cynthia. It was real fun to host an episode together. I loved the one you did with your husband Rob. More husband and wife podcasts can only be an exciting thing?

        Izabela, I see you’ve become quite comfortable replying to all the comments on here πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks, guys! Great podcast. I have to say that Mike’s tutorials are awesome and I sincerely appreciate the ideas. Dang, y’all need a real southwestern American accent so I’ll send you a sample. Keep up the great work! MRC Rocks!!!!

    1. Thanks Mel, it’s great to hear your feedback and that you enjoy the tutorials. If you ever want me to make one for you just let me know. Izabela and I look forward to hearing your demo!

  5. A Great Podcast.
    Will When I Get my Voice Back In Order
    Will Send You A Demo.
    Love What The Both Of You Doing With MRC.
    Very Best Regards To Both Of You

  6. Dear Izabela and Mike
    Unbelievable that it would take Mike almost 40 episodes of his podcast before he invited you Izabela.
    I think that I have to send an application with audio to you, for this was a great podcast, and what also was important in this episode – marketing. Mike is good to make the voices whether it is advertising or something else, but he has certainly got a goldbird in to the company in You Izabela, because Mike thinks too little on the marketing and especially the branding, whether it is for the customer or the MRC – so I can only agree with you Izabella.
    It is wonderful to hear the way you are operating your business in – all are one big family, and I do it with passion.
    Thanks for a great episode of Music Radio Creative Podcast.
    All the best!

    1. I 100% agree with you Finn. Izabela is a wonderful asset to Music Radio Creative. She keeps me in line too! I have no doubt you’ll hear more of Izabela in the near future.

  7. Dear Izabela,

    Thank you for you email. It perked me up right away after a tough day in the office!

    Mike already has a few of my audio cuts, but will certainly apply.

    Best wishes,

  8. More Izabela. And Mike, make ’em as long as you need to. It’s all good. I want a followup episode where Izabela tells us how she goes through a few thousand audition recordings and keeps her sanity!

    1. Fantastic idea Randy. Izabela’s face is currently buried deep in her inbox as I type this. You can be sure of a follow up episode!

  9. Great news guys! Been looking forward for opportunity like this. Running my radio show give great feedback from listeners and all of them been saying they love my accent and voice, so i will put this on test with this opportunity from you. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for your recent jingle you done for my radio show, definitely receive amazing feedback so far.

  10. Excellent podcast guys! As you know I have been a very happy customer of yours for some time, as you are a great company to work with. I have been considering joining the competitive voice over industry for a while, as I have a very distinctive voice, I am told. Fingers crossed I may be able to be part of “the family” in the near future! Best wishes, Renna

    1. Renna, it’s always a pleasure working together and thanks for taking the time to put an application together.

      We should get together for another Google+ Hangout sometime. I realised what it was that muted people the last time. When a host presses ‘mute’ on someone they have to unmute themselves (the host can’t do it). Funny stuff!

      1. I would be delighted to hang out again some time Mike! Funny that despite having a bunch of technical gurus in one place we didn’t spot that issue! Happens to the best of us! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work! Oh, the T-shirts are very swish..

  11. You should really start your own podcast Izabella! This might be the best podcast so far! I dont mind the length at all – you could up the length to 30 minutes easy with all your great content!

    I see Norway is a bit dark on the map, maybe we at smashradio had something to do with that? πŸ˜€ we had both the midnight mark with Duke and house party with mike recorded recently, and we couldnt be more happy with the results πŸ™‚

    1. Great to hear your experience of working with us. Izabela and I are both excited to visit Norway one day as it is such a beautiful country and so close to us πŸ˜‰

    2. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement for my own podcast πŸ™‚ enjoyed it too so yes there could be something coming up soon!

      Glad you liked what we did for Smash radio and you know how to reach us if you need any further help!

  12. Enjoyed listening to this. I ordered some liners from you in 2006, 2008 and again just last year for my podcast and it’s great to see you doing so well. Your success is well-deserved and I can testify that no matter how small the order, the level of professionalism and efficiency that you offer is exceptional.

  13. That’s what I call words for the heart and the soul to speak!!
    For sure the word family is very important in our daily life and that’s why ur’e so unique
    at the MRC. personally I have used your production and it was a blessing for my show reel at the end of my course (screen and media 2012), keep up a good work
    and look forward for Izabela Russell’s own podcast.
    love And maximum Respect.

    1. Thanks Douglas! We enjoyed recording the episode and there will be a follow up from Izabela soon. That is for sure.

    1. Sam, we are currently working on a merchandise store with our updated brand logos. I’ll be sure to let you know when we relaunch if you’re subscribed to our email newsletter? Thanks!

  14. Was Pleased To Hear Izabela’s Voice in The Podcast 39
    She has a Great warm Clear Voice and knows what she’s talking about!!
    Only pity it took Mike so long to invite her..:)

    1. It is true that I did take a while to get Izabela on although I do reply to comments faster (most the time) πŸ˜‰ Thanks Rini!

  15. What a fabulous podcast! Felt like we were all sitting together in large squashy seats with a nice glass of something having a good old chat among friends. Most informative … excellent job guys!

    1. Thank you Vanessa – it felt like this to us too – it’s amazing how you can sit in front of a mic and feel like you talk to every single person individually!

  16. Hi Mike & Izabella, I emailed this morning, I will get something done for you over this weekend, I do hope that my application is successful, I do rely a lot on compression so I guess hearing my voice raw as such will be interesting on the decision made. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you lovely people πŸ™‚ you might just be the ones to launch my career. One will hope so πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Guys! Great podcast and very helpful thankyou! I will be taking on board all that you have mentioned and will hopefully get my application to join ‘your family’ off to you very soon x

  18. Hi Mike & Izabella, I absolutely loved this podcast ! I did a lot of voice-overs for jingles, commercials & even the odd documentary. All for Dutch local radiostations though. Sadly enough I don’t have my own studio at the moment so it’s a bit difficult to send in an application at the moment. If you’re interested to hear some of my stuff from 5 years ago (just to have an impression of what I’m capable of and how my voice sounds) I would be very happy to send you some. Please let me know…..and Izabella, you should have your own podcast. Maybe about the business side of things or some crazy experiences you had in this business πŸ˜‰ I would love to hear it.

  19. Mike and Isabella, I am from London, Ontario Canada and just trying to get back in the business after 30 years. You guys rally are very energizing and inspiring.

  20. You guys are great! Always enjoy listening, having Izabela on the show was a great idea! About to send in my application and look forward to hearing from you!

  21. Just listened to podcast #39 after seeing the advert on Media UK , and having my own studio ( I do shows for internet & community radio ) so will take the plunge and send in a demo πŸ™‚

    1. Great to hear you found us via Media UK Geoff. Izabela and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  22. Great to hear the team work and synergy you both have working together. It should serve as an inspiration to other couples on how it can be done. I also love the positivity that literally pours out from the podcast. Very refreshing to hear.

  23. Really interested in the work you are doing and love the idea of voice over branding; offering the complete package….I will definitely be applying for voice over work, thank you for the opportunity!

  24. I have never thought about doing voice over till now! I would definitely be interested in this and will be applying as well. I never realised you was looking for talent either till now, so I look forward to your reply on my application!

  25. Hi, This is Simon Burdett. I am very keen to progress as a Voice over artist, but I only have a Skype type set up. What is the minimum standard/specification of equipment I must get to satisfy your requirements.

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for your message and interest in MRC!

      We do require high quality recording equipment. At the very least you would need to have a very good quality microphone (Have a look at the resources page to see what we use: https://producer.musicradiocreative.com/resources/ may give you a suggestion as to which direction to take) and designed space to record voice overs – any background noise, loud PC etc are out of question. So it is important to have at least some soundproofing done in your studio. If you are serious about voice over work – there are plenty of resources out there to help you with getting started.

      Hope this helps and very happy to help further.

      Best regards,


  26. Do you need only english voce -over? I’m from Poland and I thinking fo record my demo. But here is the question – does MRC need my voice too?

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