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It’s been a busy but great year and we’re at the last remaining days of 2013 so it’s a great time to think about startin fresh and talk about our New Year’s resolutions in this episode.

My First New Year Resolution: Not To Interrupt

My first new year resolution is not to interrupt Izabela when she’s in her flow in a podcast episode. This is very important because we often aircheck our episodes and listen to them again and I’m aware of my mistakes. Sometimes Izabela is in full flow when she’s speaking and I just interrupt her and I’m aware of that now. Even Robin Banks, an international radio coach, said back in episode 70 to make sure you listen to your own content to identify your own bad habits during podcasts or a radio show.

Izabela’s Business Resolution

Izabela divided her resolutions to personal and business related resolutions. Izabela’s business related resolution is to bring really good guests on to the podcast by having at least 20 good quality guests in 2014. Izabela intends to sit down and focus on creating a “hit list” of said guests to invite on to our podcast to ensure that the resolution will be achieved. Of course we already have a couple of names in our heads that we can invite but by listening to suggestions and specifically searching for people who are prolific on certain topics that we discuss, we can make a great  list and identify the quality guests that we’d like to have on the show.

Music Radio Creative Podcast Guests 2013

It’s not only a time of looking forward on what we’ll be doing the next year but also a time of looking back at what we’ve done this year. I’m proud to say that we’ve had the Content Manager of Podcasts for Microsoft, Rob Greenlee on the podcast in 2013. We have spoken to Robin Banks, national UK radio host and consultant. We’ve also chatted to Francesco Baschieri CEO at Spreaker about all the great things they are doing. We had Duke Morgan, epic Las Vegas based movie trailer voice over. James Wiltshire – talking about music production – who is one half of UK house music duo the Freemasons. Those are just a few of the amazing guests we’ve had in the past year and of course we’re very excited to look forward to our guests in 2014.

Become More Organised In 2014

Another resolution of mine is to be more organized. I’m producing a podcast episode every week and making numerous YouTube videos so you’d think I’m more organized. I am, however, a person who uses starred mail on Gmail to organize my tasks and it doesn’t work so well. I really need to find a better method of organizing my to do’s in 2014. Izabela suggests a first step towards gaining organizational skills is to have quantifiable more specific goal and think of what and when I hope to achieve things. So, by the end of January 2014, I decided to have a system in place whereby I can look at my goals and make sure that I’m achieving them.

Izabela Will Juice Every Day

Izabela is a big fan of juicing and has been juicing on and off for a while now so she came up with the resolution “to juice everyday”. She also worked on a podcast audio branding session with Shane who has a top ranked podcast called Juicing Radio and says it’s very inspirational. She describes Juicing Radio as full of people who are able to stick to their commitment. It’s really admirable because you need the guts to forget all the temptations around you. Izabela hopes to start by having one juice a day and not be bound by a specific juicing diet immediately. Then it will become a habit which would hopefully lead to more juicing. An interesting fact about juicing, there’s a movie called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. The film is about the 60 day journey of an Australian guy Joe Cross as he travels across the United States and he doesn’t eat anything but only juices so it’s a juice only diet.

Dedicate More Time To Family

My number one priority resolution is to spend and dedicate more time with my family and to connect more with the family. It’s not just about relaxing and watching some Disney movies or something but actually turning off the computer and just sitting down and chatting with my family. Izabela comments that this will be reliant on my other resolution of obtaining better organisational skills and setting up goals by the end of January. So I will have to dedicate times and set time zones and family times well for this resolution.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Izabela has a long list of projects that she’s started to work on but hasn’t really finished so her next resolution is to just tidy them up and storm through the list. She hopes to achieve and finish going over these things by the first half of next year because many are tasks which  require plenty of commitment and work.

Improving Online Relationships

I want to improve my online relationships by taking the time to communicate and connect with those people who connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Google+ particularly has been more interactive since the integration of comments with YouTube. Before I would get only about 1 or 2 notifications a day but since the tie in I started getting loads of notifications and it’s staying on top of these which I really hope to do in 2014. Generally it’s just keeping and maintaining the online relationships which I hope to do because thanks to social media we’ve had the chance to connect with many interesting people particularly in our private Music Radio Creative Facebook Group.

Travel More In 2014

We used to travel plenty and last year we lagged behind a little bit for various work reasons but Izabela would like to go out more, travel and connect with more people in person. We believe it is both important and beneficial to our business and personal relationships to have those little weekend breaks in different cities from time to time and go to conferences. So it would really be great to travel more in 2014 even if it’s just weekend breaks it would be very beneficial.

What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

Please share with us your New Year Resolutions be it personal or professional. What are you going to do to make 2014 your year?


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  1. Love this podcast and actually glad you have taken a well deserved holiday as it allowed me time to go back to the beginning and get all the episodes. I was able to listen to 15 episodes at work while doing a boring filing task and I was hooked.
    Also into juicing to help with some health issues and it’s the way to go. I got into Chris Brogan’s 3 word Brave New Year way of thinking instead of making actual resolutions. They help with daily living and task completion. Those words are Heal, Re-Create, Discover.
    Glad I get to recreate and discover your waves in the air while I heal. Continue on with the great work and to continued success in 2014!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement and glad you had a chance to catch up. That is an impressive listening session!

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