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Internet radio is booming and the number of new podcasts starting up every day is staggering. Mike Russell chats to Al B. Love! about radio of the future and how to make audio production sound great.

I’ve introduced a new jingle package on this podcast! It’s a preview of the Music Radio Creative CHR Jingle Package (coming soon) – I hope you enjoy!

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How To Make Radio Liners Sound Great

Al B. Love! is an American voice talent from Atlanta, Georgia with over two decades of experience in broadcasting, voicing and producing and it really shows in the delivery of each voice over he produces for Music Radio Creative. Al gave some great tips for those wanting to start a voice over or broadcast career.

  • Try to sound like you’re not reading a script.
  • Don’t put on a ‘radio DJ’ voice.
  • Make like you’re talking to just one person.

Audio Production

Will we always need good audio production, imaging and jingles? Al answered in full on the podcast but he mentioned that as long as radio stations, internet radio, podcasts and the like are are around production will alway be around. Computers can’t replace a human being that can create great audio!

How To Get An Audio Production Job

If you want to get into audio production the best place to start is by listening to the radio and find out how voice talent and announcers deliver copy. Al goes into great detail about his journey into an audio production career in this podcast episode.

Personality Radio

What’s happened to terrestrial radio in the US and around the world? Radio was personality driven but more and more terrestrial radio sounds the same. The bottom line in commercial radio is the money. Listeners will seek out internet radio and podcasts to get their fix of personality led broadcasts. The future of internet radio is bright as cars start to develop the technology to receive internet broadcasts.

Audio Production Equipment

Here’s a list of the main kit Al uses in his own studio:

Check out Al B. Love! podcasting here with The ’80s Hit Music Time Machine. Leave a comment on this episode with your favorite bit of audio production kit and remember to subscribe to this podcast for free!


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