In order to reach a wider audience and connect with them as a radio host and or DJ you need a jingle so people can easily identify you. You’ll stand out from the crowd, people will remember you and the best thing? Sung jingles are affordable!

Jingle ideas depend on your style. Are you looking for a funny jingle with a punchline and silly sound effects or does your radio show, podcast or DJ set deserve something more serious and mood setting? Whatever style you decide to go for you can be sure that there is a music jingle to match your needs.

Radio Jingle Ideas

Some jingle ideas for a DJ could be your DJ name along with a phrase that identifies you with a tune, sung lyrics or acapella than will enable the audience to easily identify and remember you. I created a tutorial to show how a DJ may choose to use an acapella in their mix sets (in Adobe Audition) but this technique would work just as well in a live situation with software such as Traktor or Mixed In Key. Try it for yourself and be sure to let me know about the results you achieve.

Radio show presenters just love to hear their name sung with a funny, cheesy or clever slogan. So how about a jingle with your name and then something about you? An example could be “Mike Russell… he’s great at playing chess!” Remember to be creative, be whacky and most of all to have fun. Just as with a spoken radio jingle you can say anything in song and have the added benefit of people remembering the phrase and singing it all day!

Sung Jingle Examples for Inspiration

E-Music Radio Slogan

Michael D’s Memories

Radio Mihama

Vectis Radio