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How do you make money with a podcast? Podcasts have always been free to download. The opportunity to make money is not in the download but in the podcast content itself.

Music Radio Creative Sung Jingles – Reaching All Corners of the Globe!

In the last two weeks, since the launch of sung jingles from Music Radio Creative, we’ve been busy producing jingle packages for Atlantis FM Tenerife, Star FM Zimbabwe, Radio XNL based out of The Netherlands and WDNC in North Carolina, USA. You can listen to a sneak preview of the jingles on this podcast. There are also some really cool acapellas we’ve created for DJs and radio stations.

You can get a full radio station voice imaging update along with our, most popular, feel good sung jingle packageĀ (as heard on Atlantis FM, Star FM, Radio XNL, WDNC and more) or any other music jingle package to completely freshen up your sound.

NMX from BlogWorld in Las Vegas 2013

The Music Radio Creative team and I are going to be at NMX 2013 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. It’s the place to be if you’re into podcasting, blogging, web TV or any kind of content creation. It’ll take place between 6-8 January 2013 and I hope to see you there in between sessions and a few games of poker! Tickets are discounted if you book in advance.

How to Make Money with a Podcast

There’s already so much free content on podcast directories such as iTunes and we’re conditioned to know that podcasts are free. With so much free content on sites like Mixcloud and SoundCloud why would someone pay for your podcast?

There are few premium radio shows and very few successful paid for radio shows or podcasts. The best way to make money podcasting is to not make money directly but indirectly instead (did you notice the affiliate link to NMX 2013 I posted above?) All of this is an experiment for me and the main reason I podcast is to pursue my passion for creating great audio content and to share the magic of radio jingles with you. It is a bonus and great compliment should you choose to use any of my affiliate links for web hosting or email marketing software.

Make Money Podcasting Like This

Here are some points you can action if you podcast or are thinking of podcasting:

  • Build up trust and influence with your audience by talking about something you know and love.
  • Always imagine you’re talking to one person (your best mate) and don’t say phrases like “hello world” or “hello listeners”.
  • Remember how easy it is to sell an idea or recommend a product to a friend? This is what you should aim for with your podcast listener. Always put their needs first!
  • You may wish to promote a service or skill you already have. That’s the easy way to start podcasting for profit.
  • Talk about your passion and never chase the money. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing the money will follow.

If you have nothing to sell you could still start a podcast, build a community who will comment on your latest show episode and leave a review. Then you can get them on your email list and stay in touch.

Email Marketing  to your Podcast Listeners

I recently listened to a great double podcast series on email marketing from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. If you want to get further in depth into the exact techniques of how to create a great email list I recommend you check out his podcast. Pat has been a great influence on me and I value his advice.

Podcast Feedback

Thanks to Richard Gaspa of the Salty Pride Music ‘n’ More Show for leaving a wonderful voicemail testimonial which I played on this podcast. You can listen to the Podcasters’ Roundtable discussion he refers to here. If you have some feedback, an idea for a future podcast episode or would like to leave a voicemail for me I promise to reply when I get the chance I will also do my best to feature any voicemails on future podcast episodes. I value your comments on each and every episode.

Future Podcast Episodes

Next time I’ll chat to Mike and Chris from the VR2 Show, a nationally syndicated show in the USA, about how to get your show syndicated across a nation. They also happen to be great clients of Music Radio Creative. Leave a comment with your thoughts on this episode. It will help me to improve and provide more of the content you enjoy the most in new episodes. I’d like to do an episode on jingle jargon (for instance what is a ‘ramp’, ‘shotgun’ and ‘bumper?) Let me know if this would interest you.


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  1. hi
    mike it would very much intrest me to know what is a ramp and a shotgun and what a bumper is . also love the new jingle pack i have from you and it works really well. keep up the good work.

    from liam sloan megaradio uk also please check out my website at

    1. Thank you for the encouraging comments. I will certainly look to produce a show on jingle jargon. There is too much of it in use! I will dispel the mystery in a future episode.

      1. thank you mike. if i was to produce a show and record it how would i send it to you so i can get your feedback

        1. Plenty of ways to do that. You could upload it to SoundCloud and send the link. That would be the best method.

          1. Thanks for sharing with me and the community. Sounds like you’re making use of a few sung jingles in there. Well done!

          2. thank you so much is there anything i need to improve on as far as the tone of my voice or have i got the idea

          3. Great music choice! Your broadcast would benefit from a better quality microphone. I use the Audio-Technica AT4033 myself.

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