Free music, voice overs, sound effects and more are extremely prevalent online. Izabela Russell and I tell you where to get free stuff from and compare it vs. paid audio in this podcast episode.

1. Free Music

There is plenty of good quality free music on the internet.

YouTube Audio Library – for use in YouTube videos and other content you create online as mentioned in episode 61 of the Music Radio Creative podcast.

Apple GarageBand – The loops and samples you can use to create music in GarageBand are completely free to use as long as you’re not reselling the samples – read Apple’s usage terms here.

The cons of good free music is that it often gets well known and overused very quickly so you can end up hearing the same free music beds over and over again. Izabela mentions that free music often won’t tick every single box and you may have specific requirements or require an exclusive music bed which you can pay to have created professionally. She goes on to mention that you shouldn’t expect music to be free as an artist has spent their own time and used their skill to create that track. Would you walk into a restaurant and expect the chef to cook you a free meal?

AudioJungle – this website offers paid music tracks of a high quality and often features musicians selling their own music tracks to make a living online.

2. Free Voice Overs

Buying equipment to get started as a voice over is easy to do and prices are affordable and this means that the voice over industry is an extremely competitive one. Pretty much anyone with a decent microphone can start recording voice overs for money or for free. Voice over artists also tend to be entrepreneurial as we discovered when chatting to Rachael Naylor on episode 60.

RadioDaddy – this website has been a place that voice over talent and those searching for voice overs can get what they want online for free.

There is always going to be a gap in the market for free stuff and we discuss in the podcast that you shouldn’t be afraid of that but should see it as a part of the whole picture.

Why would anyone pay for a voice over then?

  • Getting a free voice over is like a lucky dip lottery.
  • When you pay you’re buying top notch professional talent.
  • You can ask for revisions and work to get what you want.

3. Free Sound Effects

Many production libraries or radio imaging libraries offer some free sampler packs but they are nowhere near what you’d need to image a full radio station, podcast or show. It’s good to try things out, Izabela mentions in the podcast, and those free samples can give you a taste of what you’ll get when you buy a quality sound effects library.

You can get some free radio imaging sound effects here. We also create and sell our own full production libraries. You can browse them here, under SFX & Music category.

4. Free Script Writing

Is there such a thing as script writing? It’s a skill so surely it should be paid for? Radio station owners are always looking for help writing catchy radio station slogans and tag lines. The same is true of DJs and podcasters. Izabela is working on an eBook that will give away some tools to create excellent scripts.

At Music Radio Creative we help our customers to come up with creative scripts but, Izabela argues, it’s a skill and if you want epic copy it’s worth to pay for the time. Another important point to mention is that certain scripts can fall under copyright and rightly so. Someone has put time into creating and crafting an epic script and the last thing you want to do is receive an email telling you that you’ve infringed another person’s copyright.

This applies to anything you accept for free. Make sure you are completely covered legally with regard to copyright and intellectual property.

5. Free Advice

We talk about what we do for free because it helps others but also, as mentioned in the podcast, it helps to promote what we do in a valuable way. Many podcasters offer free advice in the good faith that listeners will view them as a source of knowledge and an authority in their niche. Podcasts with free advice will also live on after our death which is something to think about when you consider your mortality. Check out Podcasters’ Roundtable for discussions on topics like this and more with Ray Ortega, Daniel J. Lewis, Dave Jackson and other great podcasters!

When you pay for advice you get exactly the advice you need without skipping around the subject or getting generic knowledge that may not benefit you.

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