Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Sound Effects & Jingles Pack For Gamers Audio Editing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Music Radio Creative

Over 100 million people have played Call of Duty to date. The latest release Modern Warfare 3 sold 8.8 million copies in the first month alone becoming the fastest selling game of all time. Gamers play almost 2000 years of call of duty EVERY DAY! That’s blowing my mind.

With this number of users I wanted to create something for those who play it live on YouTube and want to spice up their own walk through videos with amazingly produced content that is royalty free and will not cause any copyright strikes in the process.

This is a truly a bumper pack of sound effects, voice overs and jingles. Voice overs included:

Izzy – Round Win
Izzy – Teleportation successful
Izzy – Security Objective
Mike – You will need this!
Mike – Go Go!
Mike – What are you waiting for! Let’s Do this!
Mike – You will not get out of here alive…
Mike – Strike team, get to him before Omega!
Mike – Somebody put this wonder weapon to work!
Mike – We have unfinished business
Scott – Shake it off, we are going to finish off what you started
Scott – It’s go time!
Scott – Come on! Plenty more where that came from!
Scott – Dial it up!
Scott – I got your back!

All voice overs above are provided as dry voices only as well as full mixes with sound effects that suit the Call of Duty background. Mike is a British Male Voice, Izzy is a British Female Voice and Scott is our American Male voice over. You can order custom voice overs with any of their voices on our website.


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