Izabela Russell and I had a discussion on what to talk about when you just don’t know what to talk about and you’re out of ideas.

Many of us in this industry are faced with this problem. You wake up and you have a morning radio show and you ask yourself what you’re going to talk about today? Where do you find the material?

Tip #1: Be Updated with Social Media

Izabela suggested dedicating about 10 to 15 minutes of your time reviewing social media. Follow people who are influential to your niche and you’ll be able to find inspiration about what to talk about. I on the other hand wanted to dig deeper than that.

Social media is a fantastic tool especially to radio broadcasters. I personally used to use Twitter in my show preparations back when I was still on the radio presenting a breakfast show. It’s also a great way to connect to my listeners and discuss what’s happening locally. If you’re a local radio DJ for sure there’s always something that is happening in your area that you could be talking about.

Tip #2: Reach Out To Others

Another great way to source content for your radio show is by contacting people like the local council or community and asking them about updates or any interesting information you could share with your listeners.

Tip #3: Be Authentic and Live Life

Don’t sit at your desk all day – go out and live your life! That’s the best show preparation you can do. Nothing beats getting a real story, like something that really happened to you when you’re out and about, going shopping, having dinner with your loved one or just spending time with your family that’s living life. All of those experiences can prepare you and give you something to talk about on your show.

Izabela also relates this tip to just being yourself and doing the things that make you who you are. Also, don’t feel bad if you do not have the inspiration. Everyone gets to the point where they feel like questioning themselves or don’t know how to take things further at one point or another.

We’re Interested To Hear From You!

Are you currently struggling with getting content out there for whatever reason or perhaps you have an established podcast or a radio show and sometimes you think you can’t come up with anything to talk about. Maybe you want to start your own podcast, YouTube channel or your own blog but you just simply haven’t done it yet because you don’t feel you can start or you don’t feel your content is valuable enough. If you’re struggling with that please reach out to us in the comments we’d love to talk to you about it.

In addition to that we’d like to know what are you tips to keep your focus and finding good content for your show? What worked for you?

YouTube Audio Library

Finally, YouTube has come up with a free audio library – a useful resource for audio and video content creators. You’ll find royalty free music which you can use in your videos, podcast and even on your radio show all sourced and created by YouTube for you to use absolutely free or charge (subject to the terms & conditions). Enjoy this free resource!