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This week we have a set of “Thank You for Listening” jingles. Perfect for a podcast or a show closing. Each of the downloads is easily customizable to add your own show name or host name or tag social media links as an easy call to action.  Plus in a spotlight our podcast production services. NOTE: The next post packed full of freebies will be coming out on 7th September – we have a summer holiday break and will be returning with our content creation then.

Summer of Sound Update

This summer we are celebrating together with Adobe Audition in honor of 25 years of fantastic audio creation. Adobe Audition is turning 25 and we have prizes of over $10,589 to give away together with special offers, freebies and discounts coming to you every single week. Not only this, you will also be entered into our mini draws – the next one is happening on 7th September 2018.

Win Over $10,000 Worth of Gear

Free “Thank You” Jingles Download

This week we have a set of “Thank You” jingles recorded by some of our top talent. You will find recordings from Duke, Chelsea, Sheldon, Bob, Mike, Candice and Robert.  

Podcast Production Services

We provide full range of podcast production services. All of the work we do serves English speaking podcasts. Some of our less known services include:

  • Full video production – we provide video editing services to podcasters who also make video content.
  • Initial iTunes submission and host set up – we can support you with initial tech hurdles that are needed to get through. Submitting your podcast to iTunes, Spotify, Google, setting up your host.
  • WordPress set up and publishing – initial set up of your blog to make it “podcast ready” as well as publishing of each episode to your host and scheduling it inside WordPress.
  • Show notes – we can also help you with preparation of basic show notes for your show.

All details about our services can be found here. If you would like to discuss your specific needs, get in touch – we will arrange for a call and walk you through the process step by step.


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  1. Hi Isabella, I never received the download link for this, and I have also wanted to download some of the other free stuff, but I didn’t receive a link for it either. Am I missing something

    1. The download link appears right after you enter your details 🙂 (it’s not sent via email – it’s available to download from the page).

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