What is “Voice of God”?

In the voice over and audio industry “Voice of God” is a style of voice delivery that brings authority, divinity and strength, power, sensirity and depth. This specific style of delivery is often used for narration, radio jingles, commercials as well as podcast intros. Although the name could suggest religious affinities – this really is not the case at all. It simply refers to the style of script delivery by the voice over artist.

Voice of God Examples

One of the most iconic voice over artists of our lifetime is Morgan Freeman. The depth of his voice leaves shivers down your spine. Below is the example of his work with March of the Penguins.

In The World…

The voice actor who actually started the “in the world” theme is Don LaFontaine. His iconic deliveries have been used in countless movie trailers. We have found one good mashup that showcases best of his work below.

Buy Voice of God

However redicioulos this sounds – yes you can actually buy your own voice of God audio. We have compiled below voices who fit this glove very well. All you need to do is place the order online – or drop our team a line and get the process started.

American Voice of God Voices

AC Shaw

by Music Radio Creative


by Music Radio Creative


by Music Radio Creative

British Voice of God Voices


by Music Radio Creative


by Music Radio Creative