Voice over processing in Adobe Audition is a fine art and it can be quite time consuming to find the right filters and effects to apply. Yet that process can make a mile long difference and make you stand out from other voice recordings.

This is by far one of the most popular topics we are asked to cover. So much so that we have created two videos to showcase various approaches.

EQ and Compression Sparkle

Here’s a tutorial on how to EQ, compress and add a little sparkle to any voice over in minutes. There are a few tricks that take no time at all for you to add to the voice and you can even save them as a preset in Adobe Audition. This means that every time you perform a voice over you can simply hit a hotkey and all these settings are applied in one quick session.

Voice Over Processing

I am showing here the exact settings I use with my voice recording and in the productions at Music Radio Creative. The voice stands out more, is not only louder but also adds presence to your vocals. All secrets revealed in this video.

*Update* on How To Make Your Voice Sound Better

As the topic does never seem to be exhausted we have created a follow up to the two of the videos above, showcasing similar effects but in the later versions of Adobe Audition. If you want your voice to stand out and sound better – those tutorials are for you!

Voice Over Presets in Adobe Audition

Would you like to have access to the exact same presets that Mike is using across all of his videos and through productions here at Music Radio Creative? We have got you covered! You can now purchase the presets online. Presets come with 12 guidance videos as well as support group online to help you set up. Presets are perfect for professional voice over artists, audio producers and podcasters who aim to have their voice sound better.

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