How To Make Sound Effects With Ai - Stable Audio Review

AI opened a lot of possibilities in the world of audio production. One of the newest developments with AI is the ability to generate unique music and sound effects. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make sound effects with AI. Moreover, this is a brief review of Stable Audio.

Introducing Stable Audio

Stable Audio is a music generation product with a mission of empowering creators with tools that aid musical creativity. At the moment of this writing, Stable Audio is mainly used to create original music and sound effects.

This tool is currently available in a monthly subscription with a FREE non-commercial use option. The free option allows you to generate up to 20 tracks per month. This plan is perfect for those who just want to try this AI tool.

On the other hand, the paid option can be availed for $11.99 and comes with up to 500 monthly track generations. Moreover, with this plan, you can use the generated sounds on your commercial projects.

How To Make Sound Effects With Ai - Stable Diffusion Audio Review

If you are just curious about this tool, I suggest you create a free account first. You can then upgrade to the paid plan If you like the generated audio and you need to publish it commercially.

How to Generate Sound Effects with AI

Generating music and sound effects using Stable Audio is a straightforward process. Just like any other AI tool, you’ll need to feed it with prompts. The resulting audio will be dependent on how specific and detailed your prompts are.

Now, if you are not familiar with prompts, these are the texts you use to tell the AI how you want your music to sound. The more detailed the prompt is, the better.

To generate sound effects using Stable Audio, you’ll need to create an account first. If you already have an account, log in and you’ll be directed to the audio-generating window.

Now, add a prompt, select the AI model (as of this writing V1-1 is still in beta so I suggest you use V1-0), set the duration, and then press Generate. The tool will then create the audio, which you can download and use on your projects.

How To Make Sound Effects With Ai - Stable Diffusion Audio Review

My Experience Using the Tool

I tried generating a few sound effects like radio frequency sounds, computer beeps, and sci-fi laser blasts using Stable Audio. Although the sounds generated are usable, they definitely need further enhancement. With a little editing in Adobe Audition, I was able to layer and process the AI-generated sounds into something fairly decent.

Nevertheless, this could be an exciting tool for sound designers, Foley artists, YouTube content creators, and more. The possibilities are just endless.

Final Thoughts

Stable Audio can help content creators make their jobs easier by generating sounds with AI. With the right prompts, you can make music and sound effects that are unique to your brand. However, just like any other AI tool, you may need to further enhance the results.

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