Why Adobe Audition Is Still The Best After 20 Years!

Adobe Audition has been a go-to choice for audio professionals like myself for over two decades. With its powerful features, intuitive interface, and constant innovation, Adobe Audition has become the industry-standard digital audio workstation (DAW). In this blog post, I will share 4 reasons why Adobe Audition is still the best after 20 years in the industry.

Before I met Adobe Audition…

I was working with cassette tape, splicing reel to reel, and mastering jingles onto cart machines. It was a real pain. If you messed up and you dropped an edit on the floor, you had to rumble through some tape, and hope that you didn’t drop it on the Bulker Razor.

Fortunately, Cool Edit (Adobe Audition’s release name) changed all that because, for the first time, I could work not just with one sound but with multi-track.

So, why do I love Adobe Audition?

Keyboard Shortcuts

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. It’s a popular saying that can perfectly describe the first reason why I am still using Adobe Audition. I know the keyboard shortcuts really off the top of my head. And to move to something else like Pro Tools, Studio One, or Audacity, I’d have to relearn different shortcuts. So yeah, the first reason is definitely muscle memory.

Why Adobe Audition Is Still The Best After 20 Years!

Adobe Does Everything Really Well

The second reason why I stick to Audition is that Adobe products keep getting better. Adobe is like Apple in the sense that when they release a new product, you can be certain that it’s in a ready-to-use state, and not an alpha or beta state.

Moreover, Adobe has consistently demonstrated its commitment to improving Audition by regularly releasing updates and introducing new features. With each iteration, users can expect enhanced performance, expanded capabilities, and refined workflows. 

Audition Saves Time

Another great thing about Adobe Audition is that a lot of its functionalities are optimized and easy to use. For example, I can add multiple audio files into a multitrack by just dragging and dropping. I can also create and save templates so that I can just get straight to recording and publishing content. And finally, with tools like Adobe Audition Remix, I can make bulk edits to projects in less time.

Tons of Audio Effects

The final reason why I love using Audition is that it offers a wide range of tools and features that cater to every aspect of audio editing. From basic waveform editing to advanced spectral editing, Audition provides unparalleled flexibility and precision. You can easily trim, cut, fade, and manipulate audio files with ease.

Honestly, I don’t know of any other piece of audio editing software that has the versatility and the ability to do so many audio effects on spoken word as Adobe Audition. This makes Audition a perfect and essential tool for podcasters, content creators, and audio editors.

Final Thoughts

After 20 years in the industry, Adobe Audition continues to dominate the audio editing industry by providing users with an unmatched set of tools and features. With easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts, regular updates and new features, easy-to-use functionalities, and tons of audio effects, I am and will still use Adobe Audition for my audio business.

Streamline Your Editing In Adobe Audition

Using pre-made pro audio presets can be incredibly beneficial for audio producers, podcasters and DJs for a number of reasons:

1. Time-saving: We often have tight deadlines and limited time to spend on audio editing. Using pre-made audio presets can save time by providing quick and easy settings for common audio adjustments, such as EQ and compression.

2. Consistency: A consistent sound is important in any industry to help build a brand and keep listeners engaged. Using pre-made audio presets can help ensure that all episodes have a consistent sound quality, which can improve overall production value.

3. High-quality results: Pre-made audio presets are designed by experienced audio professionals and can offer a higher level of expertise than you may have. This can result in better sound quality and a more polished final product.

4. Easy to use: Many pre-made audio presets are designed to be user-friendly and can be applied with just a few clicks. This means that even producers with little to no audio editing experience can achieve professional-level results.

5. Cost-effective: While hiring a professional audio engineer can be costly, pre-made audio presets are often much more affordable and accessible, making them a great option for podcasters who are working with a tight budget.

For all of those reasons above I have created unique presets for a variety of users. If this appeals to you – check our presets out here.

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