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Love them or loathe them TV and radio advertising jingles can really linger in the mind, sometimes for decades. Indeed, if they do, it’s a sure sign they’re doing their job! Even thinking about old jingles years after broadcast can sometimes make us feel quite nostalgic.

Style, Tone and Recognisable

When it comes to jingles for podcasts, a brief one for the intro, using the right music, can have a significant impact, especially when it’s short and simple. It should encapsulate what your podcast is about, incorporate your brand or podcast name, grab attention immediately and serve as an effective hook for getting listeners to stay tuned for the entire episode. You can repeat the same jingle at the end, or use it to indicate a new section of a broadcast. In summary, they’re potentially one of the most powerful audio tools out there. 

In most cases, you will want to choose something quite uplifting and positive for your jingle. Be clear on what both your intro and podcast are actually for, and what you want to achieve. Equally, think about your brand and what it stands for – and the target audience you aim to reach. Your jingle also needs to enable listeners to make an emotional connection with your brand. 

That’s all quite a tall order for what amounts to just a few seconds of audio. So it’s vital that you choose the right voiceover artist to record it. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Voice Artist 

When it comes to picking the voice artist to record your podcast jingle, as you’d imagine, there are a few things to think about. Here are some of them: 

  • Would a male or female voice be more suitable for what you are trying to achieve? Don’t fall into stereotypes, try to think differently to help your jingle stand out. 
  • Look for versatility and, obviously, a high level of ability in the voice of your chosen artist, with a strong track record and wide-ranging experience plus varied modulation in their voice 
  • High-quality equipment for the recording, plus advanced editing and production skills
  • The ability quickly to identify any issues for improvement in a script which may look good on paper, but which may not be realistic to record in the time requested – good professional advice like this could save you invaluable time
  • Some voiceover artists are simply better at recording longer narration than short-form jingles – make your choice accordingly 
  • Look for an ability to convey the emotions you want your brand and jingle to convey 
  • Ensure the voice is one your target audience will relate to and connect with

There is more advice in our previous blog post, How To Choose Voiceover For My Project

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