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Who Is a Professional Voice Artist?

A professional voice artist, as the title suggests, uses their voice to create high-quality content, from commercials and video games to jingles, TV, dubbing and corporate videos. Even those making phone prompts and GPS systems may use their services. 

Voiceover artists are generally hired for the range and versatility of what they do, the credibility they lend a project, and, occasionally, for their ability to lip-synch (for dubbing on film or TV). What’s more, voice artists are trained, skilled professionals with knowledge of breathing, acting, vocal exercises and how best to look after their voice. 

Why Should I Use a Professional Voice Artist?

But why should your business hire one of them for voiceovers? Sometimes, we admit, you may not need one. You may be lucky enough to have the talent in-house. Or, for example, a customer case study could perhaps be better recorded by the customer themselves. But here are some of the more common reasons why, more often than not, you’re better off hiring a pro for voiceovers:

  • They Know What They’re Doing

Recording a piece of voice content may sound easy enough – after all, everyone can talk or read from a script, can’t they? But what voice artists do is a specific skill that, actually, not everyone has. They can bring versatility, trust and authority to voiceovers. 

What’s more, as professionals, they’ll be more than capable of (and used to) taking direction and responding well to feedback. 

  • Access to High-Quality Technology and Equipment 

Voiceover artists don’t just have the expertise – they have the tech and equipment to enhance the overall quality of their recordings. They will also have a studio or recording booth, boosting quality further. 

  • Using a Professional Saves You Time

This is the hidden benefit of working with pros. Professional voice artists are obviously experts in their craft. That means they will do an accurate, excellent job first take, every session, saving you time and, therefore, ultimately money too. This can be crucial, for example if you are working on a tight deadline. Often, they edit their own audio, again saving you time. Note – finding cheap $5 “voice artist” can work against you. How many $5 will need to be spent before you get the take you are happy with?

  • Brand Familiarity 

People are more likely to recall messages from a voice with which they’re familiar. So it makes sense to use the same artist across your recordings. If someone recognizes the voice, they’ll immediately recognize the brand. Offer the right sound and customers will identify who you are and what you do. But a recording professional is literally the voice of your brand, so choose them carefully. 

  • Versatility

Those who make voiceovers for a living can adopt different tones as required, and bring personality to whatever is being recorded. They can match an ad to a specific brand message, for example. And, once you hire an artist for voiceovers, they can help you with many different projects, again bringing consistency. 

We’re Here to Help

Don’t miss the chance to showcase your brand. Make us at Music Radio Creative your first port of call when you need a voice over for radio jinglescommercials or on hold messages, podcasts or anything else. We have a team of 150+ full time professional voice artists able to record for you in multiple languages with a delivery time of 24h or less. 


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