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Need a quick voiceover turnaround for your project? It is very convenient to search a freelance website, hear what you like, click on payment and you are done. Seems easy and painless right? While this process is a frequent practice, what most clients fail to realize is the vulnerability of their projects, this is often due to the lack of a Confidentiality Agreement being established.

Posted by Izabela Russell, written by Otishia Emmens.

The Confidentiality Agreement

Also known as Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), creates mutual boundaries and clear guidelines between parties. It establishes that any proprietary information will not be exposed prematurely. In larger production companies (like Music Radio Creative) confidentiality agreements are often weaved into work agreements and established companies ensure that those are in place before any recording takes place.

Why Is The Confidentiality Agreement Important?

Hiring voice artists through trustworthy companies who have implemented Confidentiality Agreements as part of their business model provides the following benefits:

  • Credentials – Connection to a reputable presence in the industry.
  • Security The Confidentiality Agreement protects and ensures the integrity of a client’s project. Copyright and trademark information is closely monitored before finalizing production. This part gives you peace of mind to both parties that your project (however big or small) is given seriousness it deserves.
  • Maximized Performance and Quality – Professionally trained voice artists with years of experience are able to provide versatility in addition, bring creative ideas the client may not consider. The quality of audio production aligns with industry standards. By working with established organizations you are giving your project the best chance of success. We have covered in detail more reasons on why to work with a professional voice artist here.
  • Long Lasting Relationships – Having been in the industry since 2006 Music Radio Creative has clients who have been working with the same voice artists for over a decade. Our voice artists are in this for a long run, recording voice overs is their bread and butter. Unlike chance freelancers they are here to stay. Proved trust with a client’s project will not only receive repeat business but, referrals. It is a revolving door of win-win combinations!

What is easy, will not last and what will last, will not be easy. Protect your projects; keeping in mind these wonderful benefits that come from partnering with established companies.

Professional Opinion Matters

This article has been written by one of our voice artists – Otishia Emmens. Otishia is a voice artist with legal background. With over twenty years of previous legal experience as a Litigation Paralegal,  she threads solid analytical and research skills through her writing that educate on business ethics for her clients. If you are looking for a voice over artist with 12 years of  experience with appealing, authentic, authoritative, approachable and warm persona you may want to work with Otishia on your next project. You can easily order her voice online in just a few simple steps.

Music Radio Creative Confidentiality

Music Radio Creative has been operating professionally since 2006. We have taken on over 200 voice artists in that time and worked with thousands of clients around the world. Projects we work on vary hugely. From a small DJ Drop to a government project. Confidentiality is something we take very seriously – from start to finish. Some important points to note when working with us:

  1. All of our voice artists have signed a confidentiality agreement with us before recording for any projects. This means that they are legally bound not to disclose details of any projects they work on without our prior permission.
  2. All voice overs we work with are full time professionals. This guarantees fast turnaround and high quality to our clients.
  3. We check ALL audio from our voice artists before sending to clients – we quality control the work for you.
  4. We guarantee the results. If you don’t like your audio we will literally stand on our heads to make it work for you. You have a dedicated customer support team that is available 7 days a week. You are not pushed into a long queue, you speak with a real person with audio experience.

Not sure if working with a professional voice over is for you? You may find our article helpful. Can’t decide which voice artist to work with next? Check out guide on how to choose the right voice here.


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