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There are several different ways to make the radio imaging on your radio station sound great, I’d like to give you a few radio imaging ideas, and suggestions on how you can put them in to use instantly. It’s important to understand who you are and the audience you are talking to. Some of the reasons radio imaging doesn’t work is because the radio station has not defined their target audience very well – they try to be everything to everyone – and end up being nothing to anyone.

Consider how you’d like to describe your radio station, and the message you are trying to convey. Here are some ideas and tips you will be able to implement that will help in boosting your ratings.

Stop Beating Around The Bush

You may be surprised to know that many of your listeners do not have a lot of time listening to long messages that ultimately lead nowhere. Get to the point, and keep it short. It is best that your listeners get the information and station ID fast, because if they don’t – they end up tuning out.

Use Radio Imaging Ideas That Are Relevant

Your imaging should reflect the current conditions. If it’s raining, you shouldn’t play jingles talking about the summer, even if it is summertime jingles talking about “hot hits in the sunshine” will sound stupid if it’s pouring outside. Try to allow for this possibility in your scheduling and make sure the radio presenters use their discretion before firing off a sweeper – coach them. You may also want to refer to recent news events in your imaging – radio can be instant – take full advantage of getting audio to air as fast as possible and your listeners will love you for it.

Talk to Your Audience

It’s important to realise that your audience has a point of view and to refer to your listener as one person. You will always want the audience you are speaking to, feel as though they are part of the jingle. Talk in second person, using words like “you” or “your”.

Repeat The Message You Want Remembered

Create a message that is simple, unique and very clear. Make sure this is the message you want repeated. Make sure it is repeated often whether on or off the air so your listeners remember your brand. If you’re a rock radio station why not brand yourself as “your classic rock station” and if you’re CHR you could refer to yourself as “the number one hit music station” – I’ve written about the latter tagline in detail before!

Further Reading

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