Radio station tag-lines, radio station strap-lines or radio station positioning statements. Whatever you decide to call it this is the one radio liner that you’ll hear over and over again on a radio station and it’s the most important liner you can choose as it positions your radio station in the marketplace. This is the primary audio branding element for your radio station.

Clever Radio Station Taglines

In many cases radio station tag-lines can say plenty without actually meaning anything. Let’s take a look at the most popular radio station liner in the world “Hit Music” is used in one form or another on some of the world’s biggest radio stations:

  • Z100 “New York’s Hit Music Station”
  • Capital FM “Number One Hit Music Station”
  • 2Day FM “Sydney’s Hit Music Station”
  • NRJ “Hit Music Only”

Hit Music” is a clever brand as it can be any music genre like pop, rock, dance or classical as long as the song is a hit! It’s possible to claim you’re the “number one hit music station” which doesn’t necessarily mean you are number one in the marketplace simply the number one station playing hit music.

Funny Radio Station Slogans

A funny and true radio station slogan is “playing what we want” used famously by the Jack FM brand on both sides of the Atlantic. This is the most honest radio station slogan I’ve ever heard as commercial radio stations generally stick to a playlist and “play what they want“. It’s a more honest than the opposite slogan “playing the music you want“.

More Radio Slogans

  • More Music Variety – More music variety than what or who? An iPod or another radio station in the marketplace?
  • Your Number One  – Clever, the radio station may be YOUR number one but is it actually number one in the area?
  • Real Music – As opposed to fake music?
  • A Better Music Mix – A better mix than than what or who?
  • The Best Music or Today’s Best Music – Any station that claims it has the BEST is up for a challenge from others.

Generic Radio Slogans

Here are some more ideas you can choose to adapt in your radio station branding:

  • Playing the music you love
  • Your favourite music, on your favourite radio
  • Serving our community
  • Spreading love and understanding with the best music
  • Pure (insert genre of music you play here), all day long
  • Playing more (insert genre here) music than deemed legal by local authorities
  • More music variety than sand on your local beach!
  • Variety is the spice of our station
  • More variety than you can swallow/imagine
  • Hitting you with hits, every day!
  • Hits you love
  • Home of great music
  • Keep calm and listen on

Slogans For Local Radio Station

  • The local station you love
  • Serving our great community of (place here)
  • Local is our middle name
  • Where the heart of (place here) lives
  • Your number one source of local news and information you need
  • Made in (place here) with love
  • Full time Community Radio at it’s best

Slogans For Rock Radio Station

  • Rocking the waves
  • Home of great rock music
  • Rocking the waves with great music
  • Your number one rock station
  • We wanna rock with you!
  • Best rock through the decades
  • Pure rock heat

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