Radio script writing

Radio script writing

The first and most important tip you can keep in mind when script writing is KISS. “Keep it simple, stupid!”

If you want your listener to remember your message you need to make sure you’re only giving out one idea. Remember, less is more. Radio sweepers are the best example of a simple message. Here’s an example script:

“We play 80s music, Pluto FM”

In the above example there is one clear message that your listener will remember. It’s much better to have multiple sweepers, each with their own single message, rather than trying to squeeze everything into one jingle. Here’s an example of a cluttered radio sweeper:

“We play 80s music, call now for a request on 020 555 5555, listen every weekday between 8pm-9pm for your song, only on the number 1 80s station, Pluto FM”

There are four different messages in that example and the chances are your listener won’t remember them all.

So, when writing your script, remember KISS!

The same goes for commercial scripts and radio promo scripting. Think of the one thing you want your listener to rememeber and make it the single point of your script.

There are plenty of methods to help brand your station using good script writing. Like placing the station name last in your script. The last part of a radio sweeper or promo will always be more prominent in your listener’s memory than the first part. Make sure you are consistent with the station name. For example don’t write “93.4 Pluto FM” and then “Pluto 93.4 FM” in another script. Choose one name to brand the station and stick to it. If you have presenters on the station make sure they say the station name the same way as it is on the imaging.

Follow these tips and you’re on the way to some great radio imaging. You can always contact us if you’d like help or advice on a script you’d like produced. We’re more than happy to help you at Music Radio Creative.