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Why Well Written Scripts Are Important?

Well written script immediately show that you are a professional. They set the right tone for your show/radio station. You should pay equal importance on checking over the scripts before recorded as you do to the production values. Often radio script ideas are left to sales people to write or radio programme director. But do you have them checked over? Does anyone proof read the work? It is a great practice to get into.

Looking For Inspiration?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your radio presenter/host drops, DJ drops or some radio script ideas you can copy and paste these into an order with Music Radio Creative.

Radio Station Liners

Make sure that all liners have your station ID and frequency included in your scripts. If you can ensure to have programme specific liners (for each time of the day). If you are looking to set variety of shows and radio programmes then read this article on example radio station schedule. Does your station have a radio slogan? Include this in as well!

  • The latest hits and the greatest memories on <radio station name>.
  • Who plays the biggest songs? We do! We are <radio station name>.
  • Hit music, right now, on <radio station name>.
  • 24 seven, around the world, non-stop, this is <radio station name>.
  • Who is this? This… is… <radio station name>!
  • Welcome to <radio station name> the best exclusive radio station bringing you the best mix of the best music.
  • You are tuned to the <location> number one,<radio station name>
  • Nothing but the best music,<radio station name>
  • Broadcasting worldwide… <radio station name>
  • One hit at a time, the best music on the best radio… <radio station name>
  • Playing the best music  for hard workin’ Americans who are Gettin The Job Done! <radio station name>

DJ Drop Scripts

  • In the mix with… <dj name>.
  • <dj name> playing all the hits.
  • This is <dj name> on the decks.
  • Ask <dj name> for a request…
  • <dj name> playing the h-h-h-hottest hits!

Need help with script writing? Contact us – we are always happy to give some ideas and our expert opinion free of charge when ordering audio from us.


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  1. This page was extremely helpful. My mind was hitting a roadblock and this definitely helped me out. Thank you!

  2. The radio job I’m applying for wants a writing sample. I have excellent writing skills, but I’ve never worked in radio. I just need a direction and I know I can deliver. The job is hiring for a radio host/Digital content writer. I have no idea what they’re looking for as far as a writing sample. Please help.

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