Easter is the next big event in the calendar after Christmas and New Year. In the past I’ve mentioned that radio stations run special schedules during Easter so what can you do if you’re a part of that or out DJing over Easter?

It’s all about creating sounds that instantly bring the sights, smells and feeling of Easter to your listener. Last year I heard Polish radio station RMF FM during Easter and they had mixed something really clever with their jingles. It was a remix of their regular radio imaging package with the sounds of nature and tweeting birds. It didn’t require a whole new concept or design simply the addition of some Easter sound effects.

Easter Sound Effects Free

Here’s my top list of free sound effects to use at Easter on your jingles and DJ drops:

  • Birds tweeting
  • The boing, boing of the Easter bunny
  • Baa from a lamb
  • Church bells
  • Wind blowing through the trees
  • Egg cracking

Here are great places to get Free Sound Effects from.