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Do You Have a New Music For Your Radio Listeners?

A lot of people listening to radio either want to listen to their good old favourite songs or to listen to new music to watch out for. Hearing some new songs on the radio can be exciting as it is, but don’t forget to add in some great radio jingles to make it sound better. A good, solid radio imaging can provide comforting familiarity for your listeners amidst new songs they’ll be listening to.

Need Some Free Radio Jingles?

We’ve made thousands of radio jingles for all kinds of purposes. If you’d like to try out some, we have these free ones that feature the voices of some of our top talents:

  • It’s a brand new sound for radio
  • New music – Helen
  • The best new music from around the world – Aurora
  • This is the hot new entry of the week – Al
  • Your essential guide to the hottest new music – Kaia

Want something special?

If you want something similar to these radio jingles, we’d be happy to customize one for you! Whether it is a single radio sweeper or a complete radio imaging package, we’d love to help you out. Get started here –


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