Free Radio Jingles "broadcasting Live"

Why Words “Broadcasting Live” Matter?

A radio station may include the words “broadcasting live” in their radio jingles for several reasons:

  1. Authenticity: Including “broadcasting live” in a jingle conveys a sense of authenticity to the listener. It lets them know that what they are hearing is happening in real-time, and it creates a feeling of excitement and urgency.
  2. Differentiation: Using “broadcasting live” in a jingle sets the station apart from other stations that may not use this phrase in their branding. It helps to differentiate the station and make it more memorable to listeners.
  3. Promotion: By promoting the fact that they are broadcasting live, the station can also promote upcoming events or shows that will be happening in real-time. This can generate interest and increase listener engagement.

Overall, including the phrase “broadcasting live” in a radio station’s jingles can help create a sense of excitement, authenticity, and differentiation that can attract and retain listeners.

Example Scripts For Radio Broadcasting Live

Below you will find some examples of scripts you could create for your own broadcast to include “broadcasting live” words.

  1. “Live from the stadium, it’s 98.7 The Fan! Tune in now for expert play-by-play coverage and all the action you can handle.”
  2. “This Friday night, it’s the hottest concert of the year! Don’t miss a beat as we broadcast live from the arena, only on 102.5 FM.”
  3. “Breaking news alert! We’re broadcasting live from the scene of a major accident on the freeway. Stay tuned for updates as we bring you exclusive reports and live coverage, only on WZNT News Radio.”
  4. “Join us for the annual charity walk, happening now at the park! We’re broadcasting live on 94.3 FM, with inspiring stories and interviews you won’t want to miss.”
  5. “Get ready to feel the beat, because we’re broadcasting live! Tune in now to 105.3 FM for the hottest music, the latest news, and all the excitement you can handle, broadcasting live.”
  6. “It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, and we’re bringing it to you live! Don’t miss a second of the action, as we broadcast live from the biggest event of the year, broadcasting live on your favorite station.”
  7. “Stay informed and up-to-date with our live coverage! From breaking news to in-depth analysis, we’ve got you covered, broadcasting live on 91.7 FM.”
  8. “Join us as we travel to the ends of the earth, bringing you live coverage from the most exotic locations around the globe! It’s a journey you won’t forget, broadcasting live on 99.9 FM.”
  9. “This is your official source for all things sports, broadcasting live on 104.5 FM! From the biggest games to exclusive interviews with your favorite athletes, we’ve got it all covered, broadcasting live.”

Free Radio Jingles For Those Broadcasting Live

Here at Music Radio Creative we often share free generic audio jingles for you to download and use in your projects. This free download includes:

  • Broadcasting around the world
  • Broadcasting live worldwide
  • Live with only the best

Why not go for something even better by creating your own custom radio jingle? We can help you in creating radio jingles, sweepers, intros, promos, and sung radio jingles that are perfect for your radio station! If you have any questions – our friendly customer service team is here to help!


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