Movie trailers are an important part of the film going experience. They are designed to draw the viewer in, give them a taster of the film that they may choose to watch. You can also use the same type of approach in your radio promo, podcast and commercial imaging to bring that movie trailer type feel to your production. A definite way to strike up interest in your listeners and draw their attention in.

But what really is the best way of crafting the perfect movie trailer type production?  How will you draw in the potential viewer? Ramp up the suspense, pique their interest, and get bottoms in seats and catch listener’s attention?

Below we explore all the key elements that you will need to make your movie trailer style production a huge success. 

The Script

The best movie trailer scripts give you a short, abridged version of the film. They start you on a journey, whilst ramping up the suspense. They are very cleverly designed to give you a taster of the film without giving much away. Leave you intrigued and entertained. With a desire to check out the whole picture.

We all know the movie trailer for ‘Terminator 2’ and the stunning voice-over work from Don LaFontaine.

‘Same Make’

‘Same Model’

‘New Mission’

Simple, sweet, and solid. That is a movie you want to see.

And then there’s the ‘In a World…’ type delivery from Hal Douglas amongst many others. How many of those film trailers have you heard?

Examples of movie trailer scripts

– In a world, where everyone appears to be normal, one individual stands out… On a quest to return to his birth family, Billy unleashes a mystic evil buried long time ago.

– This spring, join us on an adventure as we take you beneath the sea on an aquatic adventure… With Formidable enemies, elaborately designed environments, and heart-pounding tension, ‘The Evil Within’ is an unforgettable experience, where every encounter can end your life in the blink of an eye.

– They can attack him. They can judge him. But they can never break him… The nation is under siege… and now Jack Bauer is on his own. The season premiere of 24 begins now!


The choice of music is another equally important element of the perfect movie trailer style audio production. We can all hear ‘The Dark Knight’ score threaded throughout the trailer. The music is specifically chosen to set the pace of the trailer. Depending on what your promo is about you can find music that is deep and dark, suspension building or positive and hopeful. We use a number of resources for Royalty Free Music. Our favorite for movie trailer style by far is music is Storyblocks Audio. Check out this ultimate playlist of movie trailer tracks.


The most memorable of movie trailer scripts have a very definite delivery from the voice-over actor. If we close our eyes, we can all hear the very purposeful delivery of the guy that says ‘Coming soon to a theatre near you’. You can’t have a movie trailer promo without THE voice.
One of the top booked industry voices for movie trailers is Pete Gustin. 2018 Voice Arts Awards winner for Outstanding Movie Trailer Voice Over. We are thrilled to have Pete on our team of voices. If you would like to book his voice for your project – you can easily order it online here. Below we have presented some of our most booked “movie trailer” style voices. 


by Music Radio Creative


by Music Radio Creative


by Music Radio Creative


by Music Radio Creative

Creating the perfect movie trailer voice-over is a delicate balance of delivery by the voice-artist, writing the perfect script, and tension building music. If you are looking for your own movie trailer type delivery for your project please drop us a line and discuss your project with us, we’d love to hear from you and get involved!