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If you’re new to broadcasting or podcasting, you may be wondering how to best to find your voice and build a closer bond with your listeners, and in turn develop a stronger brand. We’re here with our top tips for creating a brilliant audio show. 

Know Your Audience – And Make Them Care

It’s important that you understand who your target listener is, plus why, how and when they listen to you. Clearly, you will also need to think about how you can grab your listeners’ attention, and include them in the conversation. Be sure you are talking about the things that matter to them and which they care about. 

Think of the topics that you want to hear or discuss yourself – and be completely natural as yourself when presenting. We know the latter is the sort of cliched ‘be yourself’ advice that tends to be handed out ahead of a job interview or first date – but, trust us, it works! 

Stay In Control

As host of your radio show or a podcast, it’s up to you to remain in control at all times. Keep your voice energetic without being forceful, and guide your listener through each topic in a clear, organised, straightforward and unpatronising way. It’s also important to stay on-topic, without rambling or being overly wordy. When it comes to the impact your words have, less is invariably more. Finally, try and direct your show to a single listener, rather than an amorphous audience. 

Learn to Mix It Up

Don’t do it too often, but equally, don’t be afraid to break away from you regular routine and mix things up once in a while. After all, it may be another cliché, but variety really is the spice of life. Rinse, repeat – and then reinvent. 

How To Create a Great Radio/Podcast Show General radio jingle Music Radio Creative

Make Friends With Your Mic 

Make the mic your friend – you don’t want to be too close or too far away, so get the distance spot-on. It is also important to have the right microphone, here’s some of the audio equipment that we use at Music Radio Creative. 

A Great Podcast Intro or Radio Jingle

Get your script right, including the introduction at the start of the broadcast. This sets the tone for your show, is important as far as branding is concerned, and places the right focus on to your host. We’ve discussed this previously in the post Scripts for Introducing the Radio Host. You may also find this article helpful – showcasing our tips for making a great podcast intro.

Don’t Forget the Extras 

These include things such as jingles plus other sound effects and sweepers (the short, pre-recorded sample which radio stations use as segues between songs and which give listeners a brief station (or podcast) identifier or promo). They typically last no longer than 10 seconds. All these sound effects are collectively known as ‘radio imaging’. 

Custom Radio Jingles and Podcast Intros

At Music Radio Creative, we help podcasters, radio stations, DJs and others with custom voiceovers, jingles, royalty-free music and more. So we can assist with your audio requirements, whatever they may be. Get in touch today and ask us for a bespoke quote

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