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Do You Promote Your Podcast Episodes?

Promoting your podcast is crucial in getting more people to listen to your podcast. Not only will it give you a chance to get new listeners, you can also cross-promote products and services you offer. Aside from promoting on social media and other places online, you shouldn’t forget to do the same on the podcast itself. A few simple podcast jingles can easily do the trick!

Where To Get Jingles To Promote Your Podcast Episodes?

You can put any kind of custom audio or jingle in your podcast – why not put one that promotes your other podcast episodes? We have some free jingles that can do exactly that – and they feature the voices of some of our top talents:

  • Download episodes of previous shows – James
  • Enjoyed this episode – Malk
  • If you enjoyed this episode share it with your friends – Duke
  • If you enjoyed today’s show please head over to iTunes, give us a rating, and leave a review – Al
  • Keep listening to our weekly episodes to find out more – Malk

Want to get custom podcast jingles?

If you’re ready for something better to put in your podcast, then it’s time to get custom ones! We’d love to help you out. Learn more about our podcast jingles.


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