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When Did The DJs Start Using DJ Jingles?

The exact origin of the DJ drops is unclear, as it likely emerged from the early days of radio broadcasting and club DJing. However, it is believed that the use of vocal drops by DJs began to become more widespread in the 1970s and 1980s with the rise of hip-hop music and the advent of turntablism.

Early hip-hop DJs such as Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc would use vocal drops as a way to hype up the crowd and announce their presence on the turntables. These drops often consisted of simple phrases or sound effects, such as “throw your hands in the air” or “yeahhhhh,” and were typically repeated throughout the DJ set to create a sense of energy and excitement.

Over time, the use of vocal DJ tags evolved and became a staple of DJ culture, with DJs of all genres incorporating drops into their sets and mixes. The development of digital DJing software and hardware has also made it easier than ever for DJs to create and use custom tags and drops in their performances.

Classic DJ Intro Script Ideas

Don’t let the creativity stop you from crafting amazing DJ drops for your set. Here are some script ideas for classic, simple and timeless DJ drops:

  1. “You’re listening to [DJ Name], the hottest mix master in town!”
  2. “It’s [DJ Name] in the mix, bringing you the hottest beats.”
  3. “Get ready to dance, it’s [DJ Name] on the ones and twos!”
  4. “The party doesn’t start until [DJ Name] is in the house.”
  5. “Turn up the volume and get ready to move with [DJ Name] on the decks!”
  6. “You’re tuned in to [DJ Name], the one and only party starter.”
  7. “The beat drops and the party pops with [DJ Name] behind the turntables.”
  8. “Get ready to get down with [DJ Name], the king/queen of the dancefloor.”
  9. “You’re locked in to [DJ Name], bringing you the freshest beats and hottest tracks.”
  10. “When [DJ Name] is on the decks, the party never stops.”

Free DJ Jingles For Classic DJs

We have two classic DJ drop liners included in this download. “Now…” vocal only and mixed with effects will work perfectly as part of a DJ intro and “Hold The Classics” will help to introduce a new music genre into your mix set.

Awesome DJ Tags and Intros

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